What do Qatar Airways and Arizona State University have in common?

If you said the colors maroon in their logos, you are smarter than the average superhero, but that’s not the answer we’re looking for here.

Right now, both organizations are securing the kingpin in content innovation. Qatar Airways has discovered the optimal way to keep passengers content using content.

At the same time, ASU is working on software to help make technical writers easier to understand.

Let’s dig in to apply these creative concepts to your content marketing needs:


Oryx One

While Oryx One would be a super cool superhero name, Qatar Airways already has dibs. Oryx One is the content platform that is featured on board Qatar Airways for in-flight entertainment.

For anyone flying from the US, perhaps say from Arizona, to somewhere aboard Qatar Airways, this flight lasts long enough that you might need the Sleepwalker to protect your mind way up in those clouds.

We are talking 20-plus hours in flight. If you are anyone, at any age, 20 hours on an airplane is enough to make you go all green and snap like Hulk.

Enter the extravagance of Oryx One, an entertainment platform that lets passengers watch everything from all of the Disney Pixar movies to more than 220 TV shows.

And these are all updated every month, so you are certain to get the latest content available. The airline goes a step further by booking exclusive TV box sets before other airlines even know they are available.

More importantly, the airline offers a massive amount of local content that covers all of the best of Bollywood. You even have access to more than 200 hours of Arabic TV prior to landing. It’s an amazing array of content that puts all other airlines to shame.


Now, as a content innovation specialist how can you adapt Qatar Airways concepts to your content needs?

  • Offer the best content you can create.
  • Offer content that your users will want to access and that offers value, either in entertainment or for educational purposes.
  • Be the first to create the content that your targeted audience will want to use, even before they know it.


OK for this last point you will need to summon the powers of Waverider so you can time travel. Not possible?

A great place to start would be considering attending Content Marketing Conference 2017 where you’ll pick up on the latest content trends and projections.

On another note, wouldn’t it be awesome if airlines provided in-flight e-books or audiobooks so that fliers could read instead?


Responsive Writing Solutions

Next up is Arizona State University and the innovative program called Responsive Writing Solutions. Imagine you are in a business where content creation isn’t one of your superpowers.

However, you must learn to write in a clear concise manner before you can propel your career forward.

This is why ASU, a highly regarded Research I institute, stepped up to the challenge. Students graduating from ASU technical programs are now getting a chance to develop their global English language skills.

More importantly, the program is teaching students how to “make the language simple enough for any reader to understand it.” Or as Anton Chekhov once said, “Conciseness is the sister of talent.”


Content Innovation

As a content innovator, you might be new to the game or simply looking for ways to improve. So how can ASU help you do this?

While we can’t all sign up for Responsive Writing Solutions, we can take some application points from this program:

  • As a content marketer focus on creating high quality content that is focused, keep your blog posts and articles on topic.
  • Short is better. Especially when you can say what you need to say within those few lines.
  • Create content that is transparent to give your readers a clear idea of what you are trying to convey.


Finally, keep digging in. That’s the good part of content innovation; there’s always something new to learn.

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