Before the first word is smashed in a revision, before the last graphic is approved, everything must be planned.

In the world of content marketing, you must organize and think ahead and plan, plan, plan. But finding the right way to plan your content is golden.

This involves testing the latest tools in your cave or shed, or wherever your superhero hermitage is located these days. Start by testing the best tools of 2017.


Divide and Conquer by Form

When in content planning you have to make a decision right away. Are you creating a big chunk of content that you plan to repurpose and chip away at for your content marketing needs this year?

Or do you prefer to have a final resting place for each piece of content you publish? As every superhero in content will tell you, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you.

If you start with 20,000 pages of old blog posts that you want to repurpose into new content, you have to decide where you want everything to fit.

The same issue arises for someone creating new content as needed. To help you out Curata has developed an infographic with visual power in discussing content form.

Here are some of the main forms of content, along with companies providing the best tools for creating such content:


  • Interactive content: Qzzr, Votigo, and Contest Factory
  • Graphics: Canva, Stipso, and Easelly
  • Video: BrainShark
  • Webinar/presentation: Prezi
  • Audio: ePodcast
  • Special events: Evently and EventPro
  • Ebooks: ZMags and Uberflip


Most of these businesses offer free demos or shortened versions of their products for cheap so you can test drive them yourself.


Where the Content Flows

After the form you’ve got to figure out which channel will carry your content through to consumers.

The main channels to choose from include email, social media, blogging, and online sales. For each piece of content, start by figuring out the channel where it best fits.

If you want to channel all of your powers to be able to tackle the content channel challenge, by all means go right on with it. However, if you hope to squash a villain or three later this week, bring in the experts for content channeling. These include:

  • Mail Chimp for email
  • Sales Fusion for sales
  • ContentMX for blogging

There are several others up for the win for content channel planning programs.

Your duty is to try out a few of the tools for these channels to see if they help rather than hinder your content planning.


More Content Planning Mayhem

If you want to continue shaking up your content planning world, make your way up to Boston this April. We are hosting the Content Marketing Conference 2017, a place where you’ll find plenty of content planning superheroes just like yourself.

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