A calling card for any superhero is the superpower used for fighting the bad guys. Weapon Omega, Widget, even Thing with his rock-like hide all have their own superpower.

What is your weapon of choice when handling content innovation?

Still in search of that perfect tool? Take some time to focus on the latest content marketing tech to see what works best for your budget and needs.



To amp your content marketing needs using one of the coolest content marketing process out there.

The Almighty Force algorithm. If that doesn’t sound all superhero-ey to you then something is wrong with you.

With Almighty.Press you can unearth secret news before any of the other superheroes, or better yet, your competitive villains.

Using the super cool Almighty Force algorithm lets you track trending content long before it’s even a thing. Not Thing, but a thing.

If you want to become a beacon for content marketing you have to be the first one out of the lair with the latest news.

So get your Peter Parker spidey sense going with Almighty.Press in your toolbox.


Personalization Tech

Here’s an ode to every superhero who wishes they could have just the right weapon in their mitts at just the right time.

The right blaster for the weak spots of a particular villains, and what have you. Today the tool in demand? Personalization technology.

With this giz-matic even a B-level hero can get more in touch with their audience. First, though, you have to get over the creepy factor.

See, with personalization technology you are able to identify the needs and wants of your customers before they even realize they have those needs or wants.

That’s right, it’s time to get your Xavier on.


To make this work without being a creeper here are some tips via Entrepreneur:

  • Start with your data point that you want to use to personalizing your audience, instead of trying to break down your audience to find their targets. For example, if you have someone who keeps visiting your site and leaving comments but not making purchases, find out how you can personalize the visit for that customer. Chances are the personalization method is going to be applicable for more than just one visitor, which is the goal of personalization tech.
  • Keep it simple especially when you are just starting out. Don’t try and revolutionize the way your website works with this technology. Go slow and steady, you know, like The Green Turtle. Ok maybe not that slow but you get the gist.
  • Don’t place all of your bets on personalization tech just yet. Choose to value insights from this method rather than hedging all your chances using this new kind of technology. Let it grow on you like a moss. Then you’ll be in a better position to optimize down the line.


Thought Leaders Rejoice

If you think you are an expert in your industry, it is now your time to shine. The web is looking for thought leaders to become the Professor X of the internet.

If you are in a position of expertise or authority let that be known. Use your powers to invest in thought leadership. Write guest posts for other org’s blogs to show your force.

On your own blog publish long-form content offering original and creative ideas that will place you as a leader in your industry.

Best yet, become a guest speaker and lecturer at such fantastic conferences as Content Marketing Conference 2017.

The clouds are only cover to your greatness that has no limits. Seize the opportunity to shine like a superstar, and let your leadership work in your favor.

If you can’t present at CMC this year, you can certainly let your thought leadership lead during workshop sessions and with networking opportunities.