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Master the six pillar of content marketing with 200+ sessions, keynotes and workshops by world-class speakers and trainers. New JAM sessions arrive in April that are Jazzy, Altruistic, and Magical(JAM) in how they are presented, and what they deliver—new tactics, techniques and hacks for content marketing success!

Content Planning

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The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year
Content Marketing Survival Guide: High-Impact Content Marketing Strategies You C
How Google Search Works in 2020: The Latest On Google's Algorithm
Ignite Your Personal Brand with Video
Beyond the Editorial Calendar-New Rules of Content Strategy
Organic Traffic is Not Dead-How to Drive More Visitors to Your Content
Beyond Storytelling Using Experiential Content to Craft Digital Brand Experience
Marketing Lessons from 200 Business Book Authors
Andrew Davis
Build a Brand-Driven Message Architecture
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Content Creation

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Writing Without Bullshit
Creating Authentic Content to Build Your Brand
Unleash Your Brand Vibe
Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You're Not)
How Saying Less Can Help Your Clients Say More
Breaking The Rules-How Brave Brands Are Challenging The Status Quo
Bloody Hell-The Convergence of Content, Email, and my British Mum
Writing Without Bullshit
The ABCs of Persuasive Messaging
SEO, Content, and Changing The World
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Content Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization MasterClass
Secret Ways to Find SEO Content Topic and Ideas
Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor
CHE-A-T SHEET-Actionable Tips to Convey Expertise, Authority, and Trust for Cont
Cutting Edge SEO for 2019 - The 10 Things You Need to Know
Panel: Advanced Content Optimization Strategies
Advanced SEO: Competitive Intelligence, Modern Scraping and More
Apply Neuroscience to Double Your Engagement and Conversion Rates
Battle of the Searches: What Motivates Customers Across Major Sites
How to Build an SEO Magnet that Drives Free Traffic, Leads and Sales
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Content Distribution

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LinkedIn MasterClass
Video Marketing Makeover
Latest Tactics for Paid Amplification with YouTube Advertising
How to Find the Right Influencers and Generate the Best ROI from Influencer Mark
LinkedIn Ads-The B2B Marketer's Silver Bullet
Twitter: Advanced Optimizing Tactics
How to Automate Your Email Marketing Like a Pro
The Rise of Conversational Marketing: Why It's Everywhere and How to Get Started
Podcast Essentials-Connection, Production, and Measurement
Behind the Scenes of Viral Videos: An Interview with Karen X. Cheng
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Content Performance

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Smartphone Video: Low Budget and High Performance
5 Insights on Content Effectiveness Learned from 300 B2B Websites
Are Your B2B Emails being Ignored? Winning Strategies to Upgrade Your B2B Email
How to Laser Focus Your B2B Content Strategy Buy-In and Performance
7 Hacks to Make Data ACTUALLY Drive Your Content Strategy
Scoring Content: The Secret to Content Strategy and Performance
5 Practical Applications of AI For Content Marketing
Using A Customer Data Platform for World-Class Buyer Engagement
Conversion Boosters for Emails and Blogs
Landing Pages: 7 Tips to Never Boost Conversions
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Content Comedy

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Andrew Tarvin
CMC 2020 Live Comedy Club
Keynote: Andrew Tarvin
Keynote: Ron Tite
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: David Nihill
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: Josh Bernoff
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: Leigh Kessler
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: Nadya Khoja
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: Rachael Kay Albers
Closing Comedy Marketing Keynotes: Tim Washer
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