Ready to live in the sweet spot between purpose and profit? That’s the place where what you do to make money and what you do to experience meaning and fulfillment in your life are fully aligned. And CMC keynote Alexandria Agresta tells you how to get there. 

Alexandria kicked off the Content Distribution module of Content Marketing Conference 2021 with a crash course on how to Go from Chasing Customers to Them Chasing You. (Catch the recording.)

The first step in the process is becoming a thought leader in your industry. No, that doesn’t just mean using big words and getting 872 LinkedIn followers. Alexandria defines a thought leader as: 

Someone who courageously says the thing people are thinking and boldly does the thing people are wanting.

Her presentation focused on the additional steps that earn you thought leader status, along with entrance into that sweet spot.  

Step 1: Say the Thing that Attracts the Diehards 

As a thought leader, it’s your job to courageously say the thing people are thinking. So say it.

The first person who is bold enough to raise their hand and agree? There’s your first diehard. 

Diehards are people that will buy your products, use your services, follow your lead, and gush about you to friends. All it takes is one to start. 

Share your message, boldly and loudly, on whatever “stage” works best for you. This could be: 

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Videos or podcasts
  • Emails or social
  • Live or virtual events
  • Any combination of the above
  • Anywhere else you feel most vibrant and alive 

Step 2: Do the Thing that Blows Their Minds 

Now that you’ve put your message out there, it’s time to back it up with your products and services. Create offerings that make people feel the same zeal you do. These can’t be ho-hum products or services, either. 

Go above and beyond. Make people giddy. Focus on the feeling behind the product or service, not something we can tangibly see. 

Step 3: Give Them the Tools to Tell Their Friends About It 

Once your diehards are amped up with all that delicious emotion—make it easy for them to pass it along. You need to capitalize on all the energy that’s created. 

Sure, sharing buttons and links are the most obvious tools. But they may not be the most effective. You want to create: 

  • Something shareable
  • Something raw and epic
  • A champion program 

Your customers are your champions. A readymade sales team. Emphasize their champion status by creating a program that gives them perks that can include yet go beyond monetary rewards. 

As far as the shareable, raw and epic goes, Alexandria takes selfie videos with her champions in their moment of bliss. She asks a few key questions, then tells them to send the video to three of their friends—who each get a discount code to an upcoming event.  

No fancy editing. No jargony sales language. Just raw emotion. At an epic moment. In sharable form. 

To get the full depth and experience of Alexandria’s keynote, tune on in. You’ll leave with actionable tips, free-flowing ideas and a level of excitement and motivation you may have been missing. CMC 2021 runs from April 27 to 29. If you miss any live keynotes, their recordings will be posted shortly after their presentations. You also get a jam-packed agenda with more than 50 sessions from marketing pros covering the six pillars of content marketing. Don’t miss out.