Tuesday Afternoon Workshops

April 16, 2019

Video Marketing Makeover

Andrew Davis
Speaker & Author
Monumental Shift

In this fast-paced, 3-hour long workshop, former television writer, producer and agency executive Andrew Davis will makeover your marketing videos. He’ll show you how to re-work your case studies into actual stories: stories that capture – and keep – your audience’s attention. Stories that inspire your viewers to act. He’ll show you how reality television producers write, shoot, and edit. But most importantly, you’ll learn the secrets to transforming video duds into dynamite.

So, bring one of your worst case studies (even if it’s not video – that’s fine), and you’ll leave with a re-worked story and a shooting script. A script you can re-edit, re-publish and see the re-sults.

Writing Without the Bullshit

Josh Bernoff

People spend only 36 seconds on the average online news article. None of us were trained to write for this cluttered read-on-screen world. Learn how to stand out with front-loaded, powerful writing free of toxic elements like passive voice, jargon, and weasel words. Includes techniques for managing your time and your colleagues.

Content Strategy Masterclass

Byron White
Author and Chair, CMC
Founder and CEO, WriterAccess

Fortify your content strategy skills with this masterclass designed for students with a baseline knowledge of content marketing who want to take their careers and business to the next level. You’ll dive deep into the tactics and techniques that aim content marketing investment in the right direction, to get the ROI you demand for your investment. This class includes a Content Strategy Workbook and online resource center, with tests for online certification of completion and badges to help advance your career.

Content Marketing

Arnie Kuenn
Content Marketing Works
Founder, Vertical Measures

As more and more of businesses put content marketing into practice, the race to be the best source for answers and information that can influence buying decisions is heating up, big time. It’s now a game of perfecting the art and science of content marketing across all stages of the customer journey– Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase and More. And that’s where Arnie and Shana come in, two digital marketing PRO’s leading the famous Content Marketing Masterclass workshop that’s been showcased to thousands of marketing professionals worldwide.

Facebook Marketing MasterClass

Dennis Yu
Chief Executive Officer

Master Facebook marketing from the masters at BlitzMedia have managed almost a billion dollars of Facebook Ad Spend. They’re workshops are second to non, teaching you how to connect with new prospect customers with the lowest ad costs on the web. Learn what to launch and who to launch it to, with advanced tracking strategies that makes sure you hit the right people at the right time.

SOS: Write for Action

Debra Jasper
Mindset Digital

In this half-day workshop, you’ll discover how using the principles of “short, organized and skimmable” helps you get faster responses and get more done. Learn earn what it takes to reach hyperdistracted customers, and discover how insider knowledge and jargon stand between you and your audience. Learn the new tools and approaches with hands on games and exercises that power up you and your team. Finally learn how clear writing and calls to action reduce workload and improve productivity.

Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass

Ayat Shukairy
Co-Founder/CRO Queen

Learn the key components a successful conversion optimization strategy. Explore the SHIP method, which is used to help large brands such as eBay, Target, and Special Olympics, as well as smaller startups, optimize websites and digital campaigns to achieve their maximum potential. Dive into the practical methods used to uncover user motivations, wants, and needs. And finally, learn how to prioritize all the different optimization elements for your website, and how these elements are implemented and amplified to drive more leads and sales.

LinkedIn Masterclass

AJ Wilcox
LinkedIn Advertising Consultant/Evangelist

LinkedIn has worked hard over the past few years to transform itself from a resume database into a hyper-targeted, content marketing machine. Join two Linked Pros that cover all the bases with Linked In marketing, from organic to paid. Dive deep on how to buy, implement, optimize and measure Sponsored Content, InMail and Display campaigns. And learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, grow your connections, create videos with captions, and create viral posts and videos. Beginners and experts welcome.

Building a Brand-Driven Message Architecture

Margot Bloomstein

Brand & Strategy Consultant
Appropriate Inc.

Learn how and why to ground your content strategy in a message architecture, and see how consensus and clear communication goals can help all your content marketing efforts fall into line. Brand-driven content strategy empowers more efficient, effective, sustainable content. In this workshop, you’ll get up to speed on the philosophy, questions, and tools to implement it. You’ll use BrandSort to conduct a hands-on exercise to prioritize communication goals and develop a message architecture—ideal whether you manage content for the web, mobile apps, social media, print collateral, or other experiences.

Friday Morning Workshops

April 19, 2019

(Coming Soon)

Public Speaking to Engage

David Nihill
Founder, FunnyBizz

Audiences have become conditioned to receiving information with a dose of entertainment, and that makes humor a critical tool for any professional communicator. But it’s not just about getting the laughs that matter; it’s about using humor to grab and hold your audience’s interest, making your message stickier and ultimately more persuasive. David Nihill shares the principles, techniques and tools of the world’s best TED speakers in a humorous talk /workshop based on his bestselling book Do You Talk Funny? 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (And Funnier) Public Speaker.

How to Infuse Comedy into Marketing Campaigns

Norm Laviolette
Laugh Boston

Let’s face it. If you’re not taking risks or taking a stand, you’re content is probably getting passed by, along with your brand. This workshop shows you how to get out of your comfort zone with your brand and content campaigns, by focusing on shared experiences using improve techniques to showcase how to transform boring into something that’s genuine, funny and real. You’ll review lots of successful work, and discover illuminating insights, comedic tricks, and game changing methods you can put to work on your next content marketing campaign or project.