Day 1

Day 1 of Content Marketing features 8 morning workshops followed by our afternoon Comedy Keynotes. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and the welcome networking reception for all CMC attendees. Choose one morning workshop.

Wednesday Morning Workshops
May 2, 2018


andrew-davisAndrew Davis
Speaker & Author
Monumental Shift

In this fast-paced, 3-hour long workshop, former television writer, producer and agency executive Andrew Davis will makeover your marketing videos. He’ll show you how to re-work your case studies into actual stories: stories that capture – and keep – your audience’s attention. Stories that inspire your viewers to act. He’ll show you how reality television producers write, shoot, and edit. But most importantly, you’ll learn the secrets to transforming video duds into dynamite.

So, bring one of your worst case studies (even if it’s not video – that’s fine), and you’ll leave with a re-worked story and a shooting script. A script you can re-edit, re-publish and see the re-sults.

Writing Without the Bullshit
Josh Bernoff
People spend only 36 seconds on the average online news article. None of us were trained to write for this cluttered read-on-screen world. Learn how to stand out with front-loaded, powerful writing free of toxic elements like passive voice, jargon, and weasel words. Includes techniques for managing your time and your colleagues.
— Covers emails, blog posts, white papers, copy
— Interactive exercises
— Free booklet of bound infographics
— Free copy of “Writing Without Bullshit”
Content Strategy Masterclass

Byron White
Author and Chair, CMC
Founder and CEO, WriterAccess

Learn to get the most out of your content marketing investment with this comprehensive content strategy training session. You’ll dive deeply into each of the 6 steps required for content marketing success, learning how to get the right content asset in front of the right people at the right time, and how to achieve your performance goals along the way.
— Content plan core elements and how to’s
— Developing Customer Journey Maps
— Developing Buyer Personas
— Crafting Keywords Maps
— Mastering workflow and measuring performance
Content Marketing

Arnie Kuenn
Content Marketing Works
Founder, Vertical Measures

Join thousands of professionals that have taken Arnie’s content marketing workshop that defines how to successfully leverage content marketing to generate more traffic, more leads and more business.
— 8 Step Content Marketing Process
— Beginner to Intermediate Students
— Tactical Tips
— Sample Content Plan
— Case studies: SMBs, Enterprise, and Agencies
— Certificate of Completion

Peter McGraw
Co-Author, The Humor Code

Want to improve your funny bone? Come learn what makes things funny – and test your ability to make things that help make the world a funnier place. You’ll learn that you need to bring together people to create products that are A) humorous or B) help people learn and practice how to be humorous.
— Bring a team or form a team
— Learn the scientific underpinnings of comedy
— “Hack” together a humor product
— Present your product to judges and see who wins
— Have fun!

andrew-davisMargot Bloomstein
Approppriate, Inc.

Learn how and why to ground your content strategy in a message architecture, and see how consensus and clear communication goals can help all your content marketing efforts fall into line.

Brand-driven content strategy empowers more efficient, effective, sustainable content. In this workshop, you’ll get up to speed on the philosophy, questions, and tools to implement it.

You’ll use BrandSort to conduct a hands-on exercise to prioritize communication goals and develop a message architecture—ideal whether you manage content for the web, mobile apps, social media, print collateral, or other experiences.

CRO Masterclass

tim_ashTim Ash
Founder and President
Chair, Conversion Conference

How much money are you losing with poorly performing websites and landing pages? Changes in website efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical hands-on training will provide you with a crash course in conversion rate optimization (CRO).
— Conversion rate optimization review
— The Matrix framework
— User Experience Centered Design
— Exercises to apply key concepts
— Testing and tuning hacks

Wednesday Afternoon Comedy Marketing Keynotes
May 2, 2018

Comedy Marketing Keynotes

Comedy Marketing Keynotes is like a show within a show: A special event on Wednesday afternoon, May 2nd, featuring 10 keynote speakers who explore the intersection of comedy and marketing. Here, funny becomes the driver for engagement, loyalty, and marketing performance goals. And our mandate to rid the world of bad, boring content gets a big jolt with inspiration from some of the best comedic marketers on the planet who will reveal the secrets on how to create content that connects with readers and listeners, and keep them coming back for more!
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