Everyone’s in a rush, we’re starting to have robots for assistants, and people are beginning to worry about robots taking over their jobs. It’s 2017, for real. But wait, what does this have to do with content marketing?

Technology is changing the face of marketing, how you interact with your clients, but also providing an opportunity to deepen your relationships with prospects with an unprecedented amount of data.

Second are the drones and droids of the delivery world that are transforming how we get our products and even online content in front of consumers.

Both are further propelling us toward a near-total mobile market. That’s right, the content marketing world has gone nearly all mobile and you must hop in your Batmobile to keep up the pace.

First, let’s catch up on two of the coolest trending topics in content marketing this week:


Droids and Drones

Everything is moving faster, and this includes content. Thanks to drones and droids, the goods are getting delivered even faster with the future looking at same-hour delivery.

Drones, we’ve heard about these, but what about droids? These ground-based delivery agents aka robots that resemble R2-D2 will become a mobile version of Siri and Alexa.

While delivering up to 20 pounds per load, droids can avoid obstacles and climb stairs. More impressively, they can communicate with the customer via live video feed.

Consumers will be able to ask their assistance, and if they can find products for them. This is where your content must be ready to fill the void.

Through mobile search these droids are going to connect consumers with content that is most searchable and easiest to retrieve in relation to the products they’re seeking.

If your mobile content isn’t bringing your business up to the top, you’ll need to figure out a way to supercharge it for another segment of shoppers.



Just like droids have gone mobile to search for products, so are shoppers.

The mobile market has changed the shopping experience more than that spider bite transformed Peter Parker.

Everything happens exponentially from how fast you can place an order for a product to how quickly it arrives at your front door.

All with the click of a button, on your phone. This is commerce, gone radioactive.

As a content marketer you must focus on the mobile market for all aspects of online shopping. You have to create content that is relevant, of high quality, informative, and is as easy to digest as possible.

Then you have to wait to see how mobile Google analyzes your content for web users.


CMC 2017

If you want to learn about more than just droids, drones and m-commerce, make your way to Boston, MA in April.

That’s where the Content Marketing Conference 2017 will throw more tricks and tips and trade secrets your way than you can carry…without the aid of your droid.

Pack your superhero spandex and your cleanest cape for a gathering of the most professional content heroes on the planet.