We are thrilled to bring you the brilliant #CMC17 attendee, Karen of Harper Collins.

She’s funny, a marketer through and through, and you’re going to want to meet her while you’re here in Boston!


Meet #CMC17 Attendee: Karen of Harper Collins

Tell us about you, where you work, and your content marketing history!  

I’m a wife, mother, and dreamer, that loves to think big, be creative, and market.

I’ve worked in the marketing space for 20 years with the majority of my marketing has been within the music industry. I worked for EMI / Motown Records for 15 year.

Recently I switched industries and am currently working in book publishing. I took a position with Harper Collins in the (Non-fiction) Nelson Book division.

I’ve been involved with content creation doing photo shoots, video shoots, and creating all creative elements for my marketing + digital marketing campaigns.

My specific content marketing history is not very in-depth, in my opinion. I graduated from Fisk University with a degree in Psychology.

I’ve never taken a formal marketing course until I went back to school and earned an Exe MBA from Auburn University.  I am an avid reader that adores the written word and all the places it can take you.


What prompted you to register for CMC?

Content marketing is such a vital space within marketing.

If you are serious marketing person you understand the importance of the information and the value of the information beings shared at a conference like this.

I chose this conference simply by evaluating what I wanted to learn within the ever-changing marketing space, and what worked best for me to learn it.


How did you convince your boss?

My boss requires our entire team to attend one conference or online course a year.

He believes in continual growth and knowledge is important to everyone career.

Coming from working 15 years at a record label, to working in book publishing, MY BOSS ROCKS!


What speaker and session(s) are you most looking forward to?


What is your major 2017 marketing goal(s)?

Listen more than I speak, think with purpose, think outside the box, take time to breath and be creative.

Integrate new marketing concepts into the current way think about marketing.


What is one thing you’d like to know about Boston before heading here in April (food, drink, must-sees)

I grew up watching Cheers I want to go to the bar.  Can you direct me to that bar? We can, I have directions ready for you Karen! *Georgina from WriterAccess/CMC*


What has been your favorite conference to date and why?

I don’t have a favorite conference. Attending conferences was not considered to be important use of your time in the music industry.


What is the best conference swag you received?

I usually do entertainment events, and those normally have cool items related to music.

I like things that are creative and functional. I don’t like conference tee-shirts, mugs, hats etc.

They have been overdone and I won’t use them unless they are designed with style and not just a company logo on them.


What’s your top conference networking tip?

Smile and throw caution to the wind.  Don’t chit-chat, speak with purpose or simply listen.


Thank you Karen! We are thrilled to have such a passionate, seasoned marketer at the conference and look forward to providing you all of the tactical how-to’s to implement back at Harper Collins!

Register to reserve your seat alongside Karen now to learn from the top leading marketing experts as we are dangerously on the verge of selling out!