Content optimization is a bit like search engine optimization, but it doesn’t stop at just greasing your skids for better performance on the web. Content optimization takes into account not only the necessity of achieving better search engine rankings, but it also aims to make your content easier to understand, more value-laden, and useful to your core audience. Sometimes those virtues fit together nicely. if they do, consider yourself lucky. But other times, the pieces of the content optimization puzzle don’t fit together so neatly. That’s where a little content engineering comes into play.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our content optimization speakers who’ll be speaking at CMC 2019:

Paxton Gray

Vice President of Operations at 97th Floor, Paxton Gray oversees the work his agency delivers for clients like CapitalOne, ESPN, and Salesforce. In his session on Content Optimization entitled, “Planning Master Guide: Tips, Tactics, and Tools for Content Marketing Success,” he’ll discuss:

  • Methods to improve and speed-up keyword research
  • Essential tools for better content creation
  • AI tools for better content creation
  • Key tactics to produce audience-centered content
  • Understanding the human decision algorithm

Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is CEO of Vertical Measures, a full-service Internet marketing agency dedicated to generating client growth through SEO & content marketing.

Arnie will be leading two sessions entitled “The Core Digital & Content Marketing Methods for the Customer Journey,” and “Cutting Edge SEO for 2019 – The 10 Things You Need to Know.”

In these sessions, he’ll cover:

  • What’s holding you back from page one results
  • How to create and optimize the content searchers want
  • How to create relevant content using micro question research
  • Gamification for better optimization
  • The latest trends discussed at PubCon
  • and more

Chris Silver Smith

Founder of the SEO marketing agency Argent Media, Chris Silver Smith provides online marketing consulting services for numerous Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 companies. In two sessions, entitled “Advanced Content Optimization Strategies,” and “Twitter: Advanced Optimizing Tactics,” Chris will discuss advanced content optimization for the Internet at large and for Twitter-based campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create “relevant” content with micro question research
  • New link building tactics
  • Pinpoint content gaps and opportunity prioritization
  • How followers and likes affect search ranks
  • How to optimize tweets for better reach and ranking
  • and much more

Katie Penell

A Senior Performance Content & SEO Manager for Nina Hale’s performance content, SEO and social team, Katie Penell has built a reputation for delivering strategic guidance for client content. She is responsible for creating content strategies, maximizing reach, and engaging audiences all throughout the buyer’s journey.

She will be participating in a panel session entitled “Advanced Content Optimization Strategies.” Here, we will discuss the fact that relevance is the primary ranking factor on Google and how the newest trending SEO tactics can help marketers to cope with that fact.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create relevant content
  • How to target content gaps
  • About topic visualization tools for SERP analysis
  • Gamification methods to make optimization more powerful
  • and more

And this is just a small sample of the many forward-thinking speakers who’ll be sharing their experience and expertise at this year’s CMC. Don’t miss it for the world!

DL M has 21 years of professional writing for print and online media and has 10+ years experience as a freelance
fiction editor. He’s a content creator for major corporations covering all topics for a wide range of industries, specializing in white papers, research, news content. His specialty subjects include: current events, marketing, analytics, personal development, leveraging social media, SEO, business development, cloud computing, language, and politics.