Things change quickly in the world of content marketing. One update is often all it takes to make some of today’s best practices as obsolete public pay phones.

To help you stay current with breaking developments, let’s review the latest top articles on content optimization:


SEO Tactics that (Still) Work in 2017 — Forbes

Search Engine Optimization can be a bit reminiscent of whack-a-mole — as soon as you master one technique, it falls out of favor and is supplanted by others.

This Forbes piece breaks down the core SEO tactics driving results in 2017, including high-quality content, meaningful relationships and localized search.

Master these fundamentals and you’ll have the foundation for a great search strategy.


The Four Major Barriers to Being Linkable — SearchEngineLand

Organically attracting high-quality links is a key part of optimizing your website, but it’s not always easy to do.

This informative piece from SearchEngineLand reveals four reasons why your “linkability” may be falling short.

If your site is suffering from gated content, too much pagination, intrusive interstitials, and design that emphasizes form over function, it’s likely that your efforts to attract links will fall short.


Six Ways to Source Content for Your Website — Entrepreneur

Great content marketing requires consistent publishing — and in order to do that you need to be able to effectively source content.

This piece from Entrepreneur details six of the most proven ways to develop strong content, including guest posting, outsourcing and rewriting (and improving) existing content.

Read it and gain the tools to develop the content you need to grow.


The Twelve Most Effective SEO Strategies in 2017 — Forbes

Another useful SEO-focused article from, this time with a slightly more expansive look at what’s working in today’s search world.

If you’re interested in how optimized voice search, intentional link building and rich answer optimization can boost your SEO efforts, this piece is definitely worth reading.

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