Designing a content marketing campaign is like trying to sew Spidey into the perfect spider suit. Just as soon as you have the spandex seamlessly tucked in place Peter Parker decides to test out that latest Paleo trend.

Content marketing is never as is, and neither are its components including SEO. Search engine optimization is the Robin to every Batman, that sole content marketing term that overlooks all things content.

Where you position, which keywords you optimize, how many times you’ve included a long tail phrase…these were the questions of yesteryear.

Now in 2017 we’ve got full blown trends that are dominating in the content arena.


Revised, Rewritten, Reworded

These three r’s are losing energy. No longer do readers want to search to find a new website delivering very similar content they’ve already read on five other websites.

The era of revising content to sound similar but passable by Copyscape is finally seeing its nail. Finally, writers will be pressed to craft more original content, albeit more dense content.

Instead of choosing the same keywords to write around for story after story, you’ll need to meld some minerals together to fashion a whole new piece.

As it stands, readers have caught on to the whole rewritten content scenario, and they are not having it. Saturating the web with the same content is no longer in vogue. You have to find ways to give readers exactly what they want in content, this being chunked full of information.

The size isn’t the primary factor here. Your content can be super long at 1,200 words or you can go short and sweet at 350 words.

The content needs to be digestible by the user in the amount of time the user has to commit to it.

For this you have to know more about the types of content you are creating. For example, if you are writing a blog post about a topic, you want to write just enough words to get your meaning across.

When you are done with the facts, ma’am, then it’s time to stop creating content.


Branded SEO

Batman, Supergirl, the Green Lantern, the Hulk…each of these brands are easily identifiable. How about your business brand, is it as least someone identifiable?

To determine your search worth on the web, pull a Spidey attack on Instagram and Facebook. Search for a hashtag with your brand name or logo if it’s short.

If you don’t get any results at all, then your brand needs help. You want to get your SEO into branded town.

Develop SEO according to your branding plan to ensure you catch all the hash marks you can for your brand.


See More SEO at #CMC17

The funny thing is that by the time the Content Marketing Conference 2017 comes onto the scene, these three SEO trends will be replaced by the next big things.

That’s the world of web marketing. You have to keep all of your eyes open to catch the latest, most plausible content optimization solution.

One place to do this is at the Content Marketing Conference held in Boston, MA in April 2017.