On a dark and stormy night, Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures, sat alone in his office, desperately trying to figure how to make his website appear on page one of the search results.

With little patience left, Arnie was about to stop when a giant lightning bolt flashed through the room, zapping everything in its path.

Moments later, Arnie awoke to find out that he wasn’t at his desk anymore.

He had been transferred into his website and was easily able to optimize everything around him, making search engines rank his site number one across the board.

He knew then and there that he needed to share his gift with the world and help businesses become as successful as they could be. He knew he had to become THE OPTIMIZER!

Let’s learn a bit more about the man in the cape: 


What special skills and superpowers do you have and where did you get them?

Late one stormy night, I was working alone in the office trying to optimize my website when out of nowhere, there was a huge flash of lightning that burst through the room and zapped me into my computer.

After gathering myself, I soon found out that I could fix all my website’s woes by downloading myself into the computer and ensuring the search engine could easily navigate through the site.

I knew I had a special gift that I needed to share with the world.

I decided that I couldn’t stand idly by while great companies went by the wayside because they were making simple mistakes that were costing their business a great deal of money. That night, I became THE OPTIMIZER!


What are your favorite content marketing weapons (tools) that help you win the battle?

To assist in my heroic efforts, when I turn into The Optimizer, I seek help from my superfriends Siteliner and Ahrefs.

  • Siteliner helps find duplicate content. Siteliner’s famous catchphrase is “Duplicate content can lower your site’s search engine rankings, reducing the traffic to your site. Siteliner systematically checks your site for internal duplicate content, highlighting it on each page, intelligently excluding common content such as menus and navigation.”
  • Ahrefs focuses on checking backlinks and helps with competitive analysis. This tool helps me constantly improve all my algorithms to provide users with the freshest backlink data so I can help assist in the fight against bad optimization.

Who is your arch-enemy and how do you recommend they be conquered?

My arch nemesis goes by the name “The Googler.” The Googler’s only goal is to wreak havoc on unsuspecting and unprepared websites.

He uses three microscopic robot-spiders, named Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, to crawl all through the web to find any issues and exploit them by lowering search results and giving out damaging penalties.

To keep your website safe from The Googler, you must focus on these essential parts of SEO:

  • Always using meta tags
  • Creating quality content
  • Fighting duplicate content
  • Developing a healthy backlink portfolio
  • Avoiding keyword cannibalization


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