Giving your content a superhero shove into the marketing world takes more than just well intentioned messages.

Ever since content was crowned king it has been put under the microscope for intense scrutiny.

Everyone wants to know the secret sauce, the missing link, the radioactive substance to transform common content into something with super-marketing prowess. In light of this check out some of the coolest marketing resources to combat the competition using content.


Real Life Superheroes Talk Content

Two superheroes in real life, author Tim Ferriss and the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, walked in a bar. Hahaha just kidding, and no this is not a joke.

Recently on the Tim Ferriss Show he was interviewing the Terminator and discussing climate change. Just stick with the story, it is going somewhere. During the conversation Schwarzenegger refers to the content meaning of climate change versus pollution.

When you talk about climate change it’s so charged a term that most people already have their own preconceived concepts or beliefs.

However, if you talk about something more concrete like pollution, which is a child of climate change, then you get people’s attention. This is an actionable step they can take, by recycling, not using aerosol spray cans, etc. It is in closer context to the consumer.

Now apply this concept to content creation. When you have a big scale topic that you want to discuss you need to break it down into more manageable pieces of content.

If your existing content just isn’t hitting the mark, consider revising it to include more inspiring words that really speak to the consumer. Words matter, so use them wisely and it will take your content farther.


Content Creation Goes VR

VR as in virtual reality is here, people. Finally, one of the coolest concepts in superhero gadgetry is for us regular humans to take advantage of. We can slip on some super techie goggles and go gaga with all of the graphics and layered footage in front of our eyes. It’s revolutionary and it’s affecting content creation.

According to MediaPost the market for VR content creation is off the charts. The VR For Impact program is pulling out its wallet to the tune of $10 million to anyone who can create immerse content experiences using VR technology.

Telling stories and sharing marketing messages is about to get a heck of a lot cooler, and content creators are going to get richer, which is a win-win, right? Right.

Already there are VR content projects including Google’s Expeditions that allows people with Google Cardboard VR viewers to travel to every part of the planet without leaving their living room. Go deep sea diving, travel in outer space, you name it, you can see it, you can go there with virtual reality.

So how will this reflect onto content creators in marketing? Forget old school infographics. Leave the v-logs and graphics to the wayside.

You now are tasked with the mission of creating content that will be translatable via a VR device. Interactive games, accessible storefronts, immersive settings…it’s like commercial advertising that’s gone radioactive.

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