Extraterrestrial superheroes named Vapor Man, Gravity Girl and Meteor Man are here to save your content.

That’s right, it’s the Galaxy Trio in their Condor One coming around to rid the web of bad content.

It’s a good thing too, because having poorly crafted content will only drag your content strategy into the ground. To help you save the day let’s see what the Galaxy Trio have to offer.


Produce Vaporous Content

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one’s consuming it. This is where Vapor Man comes onto the scene.

Vapor Man is all about transforming into a vapor so to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

For your content you want to transform it into a vapor, figuratively of course, so that it pervades the reader’s psyche.

This can be achieved by evoking an emotion or inspiring the reader to take action. Your content needs to do more than just have SEO value. It must have personal value as well, so it sticks to the consumers like a vaporous cloud in their pores.


Generate Powerful Content

Now it’s Gravity Girl’s turn to tip your content over the edge from mundane to marvelous.

In case you missed the Saturday morning cartoons of the Sixties, and are not a fan of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law on Adult Swim, Gravity Girl is all-powerful. She literally breaks the laws of gravity.

When you create content, you too want to break the laws…of the internet that is.

Stir up some controversy, surprise your readers with shock and awe tactics, transform the way consumers consume content.

The goal here is to break through the digital screen so that your content is actually having a physical effect on the reader.

This is done through dopamine and it’s a powerful response. The stronger your content is for providing that rush, the more likely it can defy the expectations of the reader.


Make Like Meteor Man and Move

The entire purpose of content is to make things happen. As part of your content marketing strategy you want to see readers act.

You want your content to make like Meteor Man and change in scope, effect, and power at every stage in the game.

This means breaking up long-tail keyword articles into bite size nuggets of material, such as Tweets and Facebook posts.

It may involve transforming a verbose blog post into an infographic or vlog for various types of consumers. You also want the content to continue to grow and change once it has been created.

This happens with sharing and commenting. However, if you can put yourself forth as a thought leader, it can also mean that your content is being quoted and referenced by others. That is the ultimate in content strategy satisfaction.


CMC 2017

Want to learn more than what the Galaxy Trio has to offer?

Good news! These tips are only a few stars in the universe of ideas that WriterAccess CEO Byron White, author of soon to be released content strategy book, will be presenting at Content Marketing Conference 2017.

Join forces with superheroes in the content planning profession in Boston April 11 to 13. The Galaxy Trio expects to see you there.