Approaching social media for business can be daunting. Instead of spreading your resources and time around for social media marketing 2017 focus on a single platform, Instagram. Why Instagram?

According to Prophet Instagram will rake in more in display ad revenue than Google and Twitter by 2019.

If you want to place your bets on the best social media marketing spot for the upcoming year, Instagram is hard to beat.

Here’s what you should know to make the most of this marketing platform.


Organic Native Ads

The biggest selling point of Instagram for business is the use of organic advertising. Banner ads don’t look like traditional display ads on, say, Google.

Instead they are integrated organically to look and feel like the rest of the photos posted on the site. The format doesn’t detract from the overall user experience.

Plus, Instagram limits the number of times ads are presented so to avoid flooding the feed with promos.


Online Abuse Prevention

As social media becomes more engrained in society it’s becoming increasingly clear that online abuse is a very real problem.

Thankfully Instagram is stepping up to prevent this by implementing a few new features to protect users. Commenting will be optional for users on each post they create.

Tech Crunch adds that “likes” will soon be used to promote positivity, keeping in tune with online abuse prevention.

As an added step Instagram users will also be able to remove followers at their discretion, rather than having to block them as they do now.


Instagram Business Tools

Instagram Business Tools is one of the new Instagram features designed especially for business owners.

Now you can verify your Instagram account as a business.

This in turn allows you to access the almighty analytics of your users for the first time ever.


Live Video

Facebook’s been doing it, YouTube does it oh so well, and now it’s Instagram’s turn.

While still in the testing stages Instagram will, fingers crossed, provide businesses with a chance to make videos longer than 15 seconds.

Live video lets your audience feel personally connected to your business, which builds trust and encourages engagement.


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