Larry Kim

Founder, WordStream

Larry Kim
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Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, a PPC management software and services company whose free PPC and keyword research tools have been used by more than a million internet marketers worldwide. Larry has been named the most influential PPC marketer in the world for the last two years by PPC Hero and 3QDigital, and his internet marketing blog is read by nearly a million visitors every month. Larry is a columnist for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Hubspot, Moz, Inc Magazine, Marketing Profs, and dozens of other publications.

Keynote: There are a lot of faces out there in Facebook land, and some of them are Facebook shareholders looking for increased advertising revenue. That’s where Larry Kim comes in, the King of PPC. He’ll show us why he’s bullish on Facebook ads in 2017 to amplify the best organic content. You’ll see his top proven tactics to exponentially drive more traffic and convert 100x more clicks into leads and sales, with small budgets that offer big time ROI. As it turns out, there are few things that you are probably NOT doing at all, or not doing wisely when it comes to using Facebook for lead generation. All attendees will learn these secrets and gain the critical insights into making Facebook become your best book for business.

Date & Time: Apr 12 10:30am – 11:00am

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