When you purchase an all access pass to CMC 2020, you not only gain free rein of all conference events, but are also welcomed with open arms into CMC Academy. And, boy, what a treat that is. Access to this exclusive members-only club offers you an exciting array of bonuses and benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s a peek at just what you can expect from this opportunity.  

Self-Paced Learning Opportunities Galore

At the heart of the CMC Academy are self-paced learning opportunities galore. You can watch over 150 sessions, interviews, and keynote speeches presented at the conferences from 2017 to 2019 — and that’s just the start.

There’s also 16 comedy marketing keynotes that will provide you with valuable marketing insights along with plenty of belly laughs. If you want to go one step further in your learning, you can even download the slide decks and transcriptions for your in-depth self-study sessions.

Enrollment in the Content Strategy Masterclass

Designed to fortify your smartitude, the Content Strategy Masterclass is well worth the time and effort to complete — and you get instant access through CMC Academy. This class is split between six sections centered around the fundaments of content strategy.

As you complete each one, you will learn how to assess your content, create a strategy, and optimize every step of the way. In addition to about 10 hours of instructional recordings, you can also complete the workbooks and exams in each section to test your knowledge. All while going at your own pace, to boot. Once you are done, you will receive a certificate highlighting your knowledge, which you can use to further your career now and in the future.

Tools to Help Craft a Custom Strategy

Once you have all that learning under your belt, you can hit the ground running with confidence. Poised to help are all our content guides, plans, and templates available through CMC Academy. As you use these documents for reference, your personalized content strategy plan will come into focus, highlighting your pathway to success.

You also receive access to our innovative content strategy stack builder that puts effective technology at your fingertips. You can select between the many different high-tech tools in creating your ideal stack and receiving the support you need. You can then use the builder to make adjustments on the fly as you optimize your content strategy plan and processes.

Member-Only Community Access and Special Deals

Only individuals who signed up for the all-access pass to CMC 2020 can log in to the Academy and start building their knowledge. This puts you in an elite group of likeminded individuals poised for success in the world of content marketing.

As a part of this group, you will receive exclusive special deals that make it even easier to move forward in reaching your goals. The special deals will allow you to partner with skilled professionals at a discount rate, giving you an edge against the competition. You can then use what you have learned to promote your brand using effective content marketing techniques of all kinds.

Beyond attending CMC 2020, nothing can prepare you for the world of content marketing better than the CMC Academy. To gain entrance, all you have to do is pick up your all access pass to the Content Marketing Conference 2020.

With that, you can browse through years of content marketing knowledge and all the tools you need for great success in promoting your brand — plus secure your place at the conference people will be talking about for years to come.

Marie A. is a talented copywriter and content strategist who can help you achieve great success with all your digital marketing campaigns. She can write up all the web content you need to promote your company and build a loyal following. She also provides content strategy services to help you establish and follow an effective inbound marketing plan. She writes shareable copy with a clear call to action that inspires your readers to move forward in their purchase journey. Her content will always reflects your company voice and mission while adhering to your preferred style guide. Through the creation of optimized webpages, blog posts, whitepapers, and other works, she can help you speak directly to your target audience and build brand loyalty.