Did you know that the videoconferencing industry experienced billion-dollar growth in 2019?

Looking at the growing remote-friendly workforce and the increasingly connected global economy, this statistic actually comes as no surprise. Businesses like GoToWebinar are at the forefront of cutting-edge practices such as advanced virtual connectivity, as well as the facilitation of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that knows no geographic bounds.

Creating a reliable environment where ideas be freely exchanged, and where they can be workshopped until they shine — this is music to the ears of anyone who touches content while they work. It’s certainly music to ours.

And what about inspiring your audience to action for your brand? According to InsideSales data cited by GotoWebinar, 73% of marketing leaders note webinars as the single most effective tool for high-quality lead generation.

And so, in the spirit of fostering collaboration and elevating productivity, we’re proud to have GoToWebinar on-board as a sponsor of our 2020 Content Marketing Conference.

Who is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar prides itself on being the industry leader for webinar and online conference services, with a larger customer base than any of its competitors. Founded in 2004, GoToWebinar has grown its product features to match the expansion of virtual business practices. 

With 2.7 million webinars hosted each year by GoToWebinar, it’s clear that their blend of event management, webinar performance and attendee data, scheduling and follow-ups, and tools to boost audience engagement before, during, and after webinars all work together to produce the industry-leading online conference experience.  

Why This Matters for Content Marketers Like You

There are two key ways that GoToWebinar can help you step your content marketing game up to the next level.

Collaboration and Sharing

GoToWebinar makes team collaboration easier than ever, no matter where individual team members are located. Whether workshopping ideas, inviting experts to come speak, or making company-wide announcements, internal communication is more accessible than ever using GoToMeeting. Meetings can be recorded and saved for future reference, or even if team members can’t attend, ensuring that no one is left behind from receiving critical communication.

But these benefits don’t stop at internal communication. From hosting expert panels or featuring internal subject matter experts as brand ambassadors and thought leaders, successfully hosted webinars can make all the difference in organic communication, networking, and brand awareness.

Lead Generation

A favorite topic among marketers, lead generation helps keep businesses running, and there are several layers to how GoToWebinar helps get you there.

Webinars are events of interest, with an inherent captive audience, and they require promotion. The content ramp-up and cool-down following a webinar is an organic way for your brand to create hot, timely content that pulls in interest with a sense of urgency. The professionals you choose to feature in your webinars reinforce your authority in your industry, and highlight where your brand fits in—as a facilitator, no less. What better way to promote the value of a learning culture than by actually facilitating learning?

But that’s not all. GoToWebinar helps you easily manage attendee lists and send out communication ranging from invitations through reminders and even follow-ups. An added layer of sophistication stems from the audience engagement tools that GoToWebinar provides, and the resulting data—which, if there’s something we love here at CMC20, it’s data.

You can create exercises that require engagement—from videos through polls—while also being able to analyze webinar performance in terms of user engagement. Whether you end up with data that you can then create content around, or you collect insights that can help drive your content efforts to the subjects that matter most to your potential insights, the fact that GoToWebinar gives you insights on people actively interested in your brand is powerful.

Check out the latest from GoToWebinar, and meet them in-person at CMC20 by registering now.


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