With the 6th Annual Content Marketing Conference coming up fast, it is high time to up your networking game and get ready to interface with all the pros. With the right approach, you can walk away much richer in connections with those making big changes in the industry. And, better yet, you will give them a chance to get to know you and all you have to offer the content marketing world. So, get ready by taking the following steps and you will be ready to network harder than you ever have before.

Take Time to Prepare Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch

With thousands coming from far and wide to attend CMC 2020, you will not have much time to make a great first impression and make lasting connections. Thankfully, as long as you have a smart elevator pitch memorized, you only need about 30 seconds per person.

In short, your elevator pitch should fully sum up who you are, what you do, and why they should care in a truly memorable way. And it should be short, to the point, and absolutely unforgettable, leaving zero questions hanging in the air. That way, you have enough time to take in their elevator pitch as well, allowing you to build a mental catalog of all your newfound connections.

Keep Both Digital and Physical Business Cards on Hand

Along with an unforgettable elevator pitch, you need backup in the form of eye-catching business cards. With a tangible memento of your presence, your fellow conferencegoers can rest assured that they did not just dream you up. They can refer back to your card after the flurry of activity subsides and they return home from the conference, ready to make waves in the world of content marketing.

Although physical business cards are a must, you do not want to come up empty-handed when someone asks for a digital copy as well. So, make sure to have both on hand before you go. You can use a number of apps to create and store your digital copies with Haystack and SwitchIt coming in at the top.

Practice Your Due Diligence with Attendee Research

You have undoubtedly looked into just who will be speaking at CMC 2020, but have you checked out who plans to attend? If not, then you are lacking a surefire networking game plan and the ability to grace the industry leaders with your presence.

As conferencegoers pick up their passes, their names start to appear on the list, giving you a heads up on who is planning to attend. If you do not have direct access to the attendee list, then you can shout out to your colleagues on Twitter and other social media platforms, making note of who’s heading out to the event. Then, you can collaborate on networking activities or just set up a coffee date or two to jumpstart all the action.

Bring Along Mints, Jokes, and Other Conversation Starters

Once you end up face to face with all the greats in this field, you don’t want to waste a moment on awkward small talk, shuffling your feet all the while. Instead, you need to break the ice and forge ahead, finding a great time to strut your stuff with your 30-second elevator pitch.

You can do so with a solid set of jokes, or if that’s not your thing, perhaps just a tin or 10 of tasty mints. Whatever you do, make it snappy, so you can move onto the good stuff within record time.

Build Free Time into Your Itinerary for Impromptu Stops

Although it might be tempting to fill out every moment in your schedule with fun or enlightening activities, leaving a little bit of free space could serve you well in the future. With that extra time, you can schedule trips out with your newfound friends or just have some much-needed downtime to recharge.

Do a little research beforehand as well, so you have places to recommend when someone asks to go for drinks, donuts, or anything in between. Then, you will be prepared to be the life of the party without overbooking yourself or having to perform research in a hurry.

When you take the time to prepare for CMC 2020, you can make the most of your conference experience without breaking a sweat. So, take a look at the agenda, create a loose itinerary, and check off all the other boxes on this list to get ready. Time is running out, after all, as there is only a few months left until the big day.

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