2021 Keynotes

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Tamsen Webster

Andrew Davis

Andrew Tarvin
Humor that Works

Byron White
CMC Chair

2020 Workshops

Dennis Yu
Facebook Masterclass

Karen X Cheng
Make Videos With Your Smartphone

Josh Bernoff
Writing Without Bullshit

Margot Bloomstein
Build a Brand-Driven Message Architecture

AJ Wilcox
LinkedIn Masterclass

Shana Sullivan
The Core Digital & Content Marketing Methods

Andrew Davis
Video Marketing Makeover

Byron White
Content Marketing MasterClass


Andrew Tarvin
Comedic Secrets to Cranking Out Great Content

Ayat Shukairy
Conversion Rate Optimization

2020 Comedy Keynotes

Andrew Tarvin

Casey Balsham

Don McMillan

Shalewa Sharpe


Michael Albanese

Kasha Patel

CMC 2021 and CMC 365 Keynotes and Speakers

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