With so much to see and do in just three days at CMC 2020, you have to move with purpose in making the most of your networking time. That means getting right to developing relationships with the key players in the industry, leaving them with a great first impression. Therefore, you have very little time for awkward foot shuffling and greetings that fail to resonate. Thankfully, you can rely on these surefire ways to get to know your fellow conference attendees, leaving the rest of your time for meaningful conversation.

1. See If You Can Break the Ice with a Funny Joke

Sometimes, all it takes is a funny joke to break the ice and build rapport in an instant. As you bring a little levity to the table, you effectively break up tension and put people at ease. With that, you have the green light for a quick introduction and the rest is history.

As you enjoy CMC 2020, bring out the bad jokes with reckless abandon and see just how far they can get you. Just make sure to leave the offensive jokes in the prior century where they belong, opting for witty puns and dad jokes instead.

2. Let the Compliments Fly to Provide a Confidence Boost

Giving genuine compliments is one of the best ways to break the ice because it gives everyone a confidence boost. Whether you just get a thank you or a compliment in return, the conversation has begun in earnest, building the connections you seek while networking. The compliments also help increase positivity in the room and lifts everyone’s spirits.

All it takes is a second to notice something nice about the person in front of you and share your appreciation. So, don’t hesitate to use this tactic to meet many new people as you move between your preferred conference activities.

3. Encourage Everyone to Chat About Their Successes

Another way to get confidence levels up across the board is by encouraging the people you meet to share their successes in the prior year. Ask about their most inspiring achievement on the books, and then celebrate that success as if it were your own.

Give them a well-deserved cheer and plenty of accolades for a positivity and happiness boost that will ripple across the crowds. As an added bonus, ask them what they might change about their approach the next time or if they feel they hit it out the park that time around. Not only will you get to know people real quick, you might even learn a thing or two while you are at it.

4. Ask for Recommendations on Where to Eat or Have Fun

People come from all around the world to attend the Content Marketing Conference and, being content marketers, they have likely done their due diligence in scoping the place out beforehand. Use that knowledge to break the ice and ask for their personal recommendations on where to eat and have fun.

If the conversation is going well, you could even suggest catching a drink or bite to eat together after your conference activities. Welcome other group members as well to create a networking event all your own, making the most of your CMC 2020 experience.

5. Share Lighthearted News from Your Neck of the Woods

With people coming from far and wide to attend the conference, there are endless chances to use news stories from your neck of the woods to jumpstart the conversation. To keep the chats positive and flowing, only share lighthearted, feelgood stories with those you meet.

As always, avoid hot button topics, like politics and religion, or risk ending up at odds, ending your networking attempts with just a single utterance. Instead, focus on topics that can brighten the day and leave people with something fun to share with others.

After growing weary networking your heart out, you can sit back and let the keynote speakers at CMC 2020 do all the talking. You can trust they will share all the insights you need to make the most of your content marketing career in the coming year — and beyond. So, plan your days accordingly to learn all you need to know to achieve great success in this rapidly-moving field.


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