Marketing: it’s complex, especially in this digital age. To keep track of trends, metrics, and mind-bending amounts of data, we have marketing technology (or MarTech). We’re fortunate to have a set of speakers at CMC this year who specialize in marketing technology. Here are a few of our favorite speakers and events in this category:

Anita Brearton

As the founder and CEO of the marketing technology discovery and management platform, CabinetM, Anita helps marketing teams to get the most out of the technology they have and to obtain the technology they need to go further. She has been recognized as one of the top 50 female thought leaders in marketing technology.

She will be speaking at a 60 minute session entitled, “An Introduction to the Marketing Technology Stack.” Here, Anita will discuss the rate at which MarTech stacks are growing in both size and complexity. She’ll discuss the growing need for every marketing department to wield competitive MarTech assets. Plus, she’ll share the many key insights that she has developed in her experience, which we believe you’ll agree are quite numerous.

Cathy McKnight

As a leading member of The Content Advisory and Vice President of VP Consulting Digital Clarity Group, Cathy helps businesses to transform the ways they leverage technology, enabling them to create powerful business marketing strategies that are proven to work- even in 2019. Commanding two decades of global digital marketing experience- Cathy was getting online marketing results during the Internet’s infancy. Today, we’re excited to have her as one of our featured experts at CMC.

Cathy will be speaking at a 55 minute session entitled, “The MarTech Stack and the Customer Journey.” There, she will be discussing the ways in which marketing technology influences the customer and the potential customer as they work their ways through the funnel. You’ll learn how to:

•Gain buy-in for MarTech investment

•Choose journey-centered MarTech tools

•Employ performance data to optimize strategy

•Achieve your marketing performance goals

Tom Shapiro

CEO for Stratabeat, (a B2B branding, marketing and web design agency), Tom has developed winning strategies for many high profile companies, including Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, United Healthcare, and P&G.

Tom will discuss the intimate details of marketing technology in a 40 minute session entitled, “Building a Powerful MarTech Stack for Your Digital Agency.” There, Tom will explain MarTech frameworks and how to build that suits your organization. He will also go into depth on the use of data as a metric on the health of your organization, as well as how to leverage tech for faster growth. He will also be speaking at a related session entitled “Apply Neuroscience to Double Your Engagement and Conversion Rates,” There, Tom will discuss how the actions of your audience are driven by subconscious processes. He will cover methods to decode those subconscious processes to discover and deliver precisely what it is that your passive audience members are looking for.

Marlyn Cox

As the Vice President of Marketing and CRM for The Second City, Marlyn Cox places her focus on supercharging sales teams and nurturing top notch customer support teams. While her dedication to her craft has deprived her of the chance to become a world champion WWE wrestler, it had given us the chance to benefit from her marketing tech insights.

Marlyn will be speaking in a 55 minute session entitled, “The Second City MarTech Stack.” Here, she will discuss the parallel use of content and customer engagement technology.

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