Conversion, it’s a simple term for a simple idea; it’s the moment a prospective customer takes a decisive step toward becoming a paying customer. Conversion marketing means crafting content and deploying marketing strategies that make conversions more likely to happen. It’s alchemy. Conversion is a subtle (but measurable) concept which we can learn, test, and develop. At CMC, a number of our featured speakers will focus on this important sales discipline. Here are a few of our conversions speakers and highlights.

Ayat Shukairy

Co-founder of CRO Queen, Ayat Shukairy is a respected marketing strategy expert whose public speaking skills are in high demand. She’s notched over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and is just bursting with marketing know-how. She’ll be discussing conversion marketing in two sessions entitled, “Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass,” and “Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor.”

In the “Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass,” Ayat will discuss the SHIP method for major online retailers, explore practical ways to discover user wants and needs. In “Data: 10 Tips to Get into the Brains of Your Site Visitor,” she will cover the psychology of conversion, usability, stats, optimized content and much more.

Jessica Best

The Director of Data-Driven Marketing At Barkley, Jessica admits that she has a bit of a weakness for numbers. Her work centers on measuring and boosting customer ROI. She’s worked with a host of major organizations such as Dairy Queen, Hostess, Hallmark, and Spirit Airlines, just to name a few. She is a proven teacher and trainer in the art and science of conversions. She’ll be leading two sessions at CMC entitled, “Email: Boost Conversion with Advanced Practices,” and “Personalization: Using Customer Data to Scale Campaigns.”

In “Email: Boost Conversion with Advanced Practices,”, Jessica will cover things to do in email marketing- and things to never do in email marketing. For the session entitled “Personalization: Using Customer Data to Scale Campaigns,” Jessica will cover data acquisition and use, the use of data to discover the content of your email campaigns, and the use of data to measure the quality of the timing of your email campaigns.

Justin Rondeau

As the Director of Optimization for DigitalMarketer, Justin manages all of the company’s optimization efforts. He has developed a rigorous course on analytics and optimization. He has also overseen the certifications of hundreds of professionals in this area. He will be sharing his expertise and insight in one 55 minute session entitled “Landing Pages: 7 Tips to Never Boost Conversions.”

Justin will go into depth on the seven things that he has found that consistently destroy the effectiveness of landing pages. He’ll also discuss active and passive tests, why you should invest in converting the passive user, and technique optimization for companies of various sizes.

Tom Shapiro

As the CEO for Stratabeat, (a B2B marketing, branding, and web design agency), Tom has developed winning strategies tailor-made for specific companies. Some of his most high profile clients include Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, United Healthcare, and P&G. Tom will be discussing the ins and out of conversion marketing in two 40 minute sessions entitled, “Apply Neuroscience to Double Your Engagement and Conversion Rates,” and “Building a Powerful MarTech Stack for Your Digital Agency.”

In “Apply Neuroscience to Double Your Engagement and Conversion Rates,” Tom will discuss how the actions of your audience are driven by subconscious processes. He will cover methods to decode those subconscious processes to discover and deliver precisely what it is that your passive audience members are looking for. For his session entitled, “Building a Powerful MarTech Stack for Your Digital Agency,” Tom will explain MarTech frameworks and how to build one. He will also go into depth on the use of data as a metric on the health of your organization, as well as how to leverage tech for faster growth.

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