Ayat Shukairy

Co-Founder/CRO Queen 
Ayat Shukairy Co-Founder Invesp, CRO Queen

Ayat Shukairy is a recognized expert on marketing strategy and an in-demand speaker who has presented at marketing conferences throughout the world. With over 12 years of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, Ayat helps companies create websites fall in love with, while increasing their online sales. Her clients include eBay, 3M, the Special Olympics, DISH Network, Discovery, Rainbow, and many more.

Ayat is the co-author of “Conversion Optimization,” an best-selling book, In her book, she combines ground-breaking marketing research with powerful story-telling and case studies to demonstrate how to leverage these principles to create highly converting websites. 


April 16, 2019, 1:00 pm ( 4.0 Hours)
Learn the key components a successful conversion optimization strategy. Explore the SHIP method, which is used to help large brands such as eBay, Target, and Special Olympics, as well as smaller startups, optimize websites and digital campaigns to achieve their maximum potential. Dive into the practical methods used to uncover user motivations, wants, and needs. And finally, learn how to prioritize all the different optimization elements for your website, and how these elements are implemented and amplified to drive more leads and sales.

Attend this workshop and learn all this and more:

• Scrutinize: This is the phase that is critical to the cro process and accounts for 70% of time spent on the project
•Hypothesize: This is the research opportunity portion of the SHIP method – where you begin creating experiments based on the problems uncovered
•Implement: This phase is all about how to conduct sound tests – what matters most etc.
•Propagate: Final phase of the process is about taking learnings and populating them across the organization

April 18, 2019, 2:50 pm ( 40 Min)
Conversion optimization is part psychology, part usability, part statistics, and part design. But at the crux of creating optimized content for conversion and an overall better user experience is gaining a deeper understanding of your site visitor and the reader of your content. In this session, we will explore the quantitative and qualitative tools and tips to extract visitor motivations, needs, wants, and behaviors in order to create better content and a better website experience.

In this session you will learn

•How to conduct better qualitative research to extract useful information
•Identifying the big “ask” and question of specific visitor behavior you want to uncover
•How to build a story and timeline to understand how/what visitors use your product or service for
•How to use that information to create a better website experience