Jessica Best

Director of Data-Driven Marketing 
Jessica is a self-admitted numbers nerd. She’s worked to lift ROI in customer- and data-driven marketing for a broad range of brands like Dairy Queen, Spirit Airlines, Wingstop, Beauty Brands, Hostess,, Farmland Foods, Hallmark Baby, Banfield Pet Hospitals, SelectQuote, and Boulevard Brewing Company, and more.

Jessica also spreads the good word of great email marketing from the stage. Over the last 4 years, she's lead trainings and spoken in front of audiences from dozens to over 1200 from Las Vegas to New York City to Vancouver to SXSW Interactive in Austin. In 2016, she joined the Barkley team as Director of Data-Driven Marketing, implementing the best practices she preaches for Barkley clients.

For three years as Marketing Manager, Jessica managed partnerships and opportunities for emfluence with other Kansas City marketing communities and businesses as well as a comprehensive and cohesive digital and email marketing campaign, promoting the emfluence Marketing Platform, and our strategic services. In 2013, Jessica finally got to put the truth on her business card: Digital Marketing Evangelist!

In 2016, Jessica accepted the exciting role of Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley, working as lead CRM strategist for fortune 1000 companies like Dairy Queen and Spirit Airlines, soaking up all the smarts of my fellow partners and helping integrate data. 


April 18, 2019, 2:00 pm ( 40 Min)
You’re probably spending a lot of time on your blog, and sending out to lots of emails these days. Yet your open and conversion rates are still stuck in the sand, unable to improve despite numerous experiments. Attend this session to change all that, with two shepherds offering advanced hacks and tactics to achieving exponential marketing growth with just a few small fixes that can make a big difference. Learn the latest email strategy and techniques that won’t break the new law, but will deliver a boost in conversion. And explore what it takes to transform your blog into a lead generation machine, converting more browsers to buyers, pronto.

Meghan will offer the latest blog tactics to…

•Boost conversions 3X with the right CTA's placement
•Double traffic with secret on-page SEO elements
•Improve performance with apps and integrations
Jessica will open your eyes (and more emails) with advanced tactics like...

•The mathematical impacts of cutting a 1/3 of your email list
•The 4 biggest things marketers can do to boost inbox placement and bottom line
•A/B tests in email that actually drives results

April 18, 2019, 2:50 pm ( 40 Min)
Marketing is all about the data these days. But gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and using data to create relevance and timeliness in email campaigns can be easier said than done. This session will explore the 6 steps to take to turn data into a useful tool for creating marketing, including the latest methodology and technology you need to gather customers insights and transform that data into personalized emails at scale.

Buckle up and learn how to ...

• Acquire data so that it's ready to use in marketing and sales.
• Use data to determine the content of your email marketing.
•Use data to determine the timing of your email marketing.