Glad you asked. It’s not that content marketing, as a practice, is anything to laugh about—far from it. But engaging readers, listeners and customers orbiting at high speeds is the goal for content marketing, along with transforming them from browsers to believers, and believers to buyers. As it turns out, comedy may be one of the best methods for success, and that’s no joke. Bringing a smile to your customer’s face, and making them laugh on cue, is something you may need to perfect.

Let ‘em In On The Joke

Humor is a big part of social bonding. That’s why it makes sense that giving your customers a chuckle is a way to draw them in and, ultimately, nurture their loyalty.

Inserting humor in your marketing:

  • Builds a personal connection by sparking a positive emotional response
  • Positions your brand as “cool” (or at least not stuffy or boring)
  • Keeps people coming back for more
  • It’s gorgeously sharable

Yeah, But Content Marketing?

Yes! Think outside of conventional advertising. While there are countless examples of funny, and therefore buzz-worthy, print and (nowadays) digital ads, there’s no reason to stop there.

Your infographics, blog posts, white papers—yes, even white papers!—can get a snazzy boost with a clever element of hilarity in a variety of ways: shares, return visits, time on page and more. The goal isn’t to get your customers rolling on the floor (if it is, you really belong on the CMC18 comedy marketing club speaker list). Instead, the goal is to connect with supremely relatable, human content. Like a friendly, comforting voice that keeps them engaged.

We Know What You’re Thinking

“There’s No Room for Funny With My Brand”

Our Chair, Byron White, gets this point—that funny in the wrong place at the wrong time can be the wrong play. After all, your brand, products and services are serious. Or intellectual. And “not funny” at all.

To help make the case for those that understand the value of funny, we’ve assembled some of the greatest funny speakers on the planet for CMC18, to help explain to us all why funny is required–now more than ever–for marketing success. After all, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

What Are You Doing on May 2-4?

We’re pretty sure that the learning that will happen at CMC18 will stay with our attendees long after they pass through the event, especially our exploration of the intersection of comedy and marketing, where you’ll learn how and when to use humor in your content marketing.

Our Comedy Marketing Keynote Series is nestled into the first day of the conference, which we like calling the “deep dive day,” featuring 7 workshops in the morning and a 1/2 day comedy keynote series that’s turning heads.

2018 Comedy Keynotes will be presented (performed) by these globe trotters:


To fully experience the power of comedy in its purest form, all CMC attendees will be invited to our signature extravagant evening entertainment event on Thursday, May 3rd featuring numerous comedians followed by Karaoke performances by legendary (in their own mind) marketeers attending the conference.

We see that smile on your face. Register today!