Luna Malbroux

Founder, EquiTable

Luna Malbroux

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Comedian, playwright and consultant Luna Malbroux wears many hats. Noted as a Woman to Watch by KQED, Luna Malbroux is the creator of EquiTable, a downloadable app that made international headlines for satirically solving the wage gap and providing ‘reparations, one meal at a time’. She’s a regular contributor to Gawker Media and has been featured in comedic sketches with AJ+, and Refinery 29. Her satirical play, “How to Be A White Man” is critically acclaimed as a conversation starter on identity. With her masters in social work from Columbia University, Luna works with Soul Bird Consulting to help organizations shift their culture.


Comedy Keynote: Luna Malbroux

Keynote Date & Time: May 2, 4:20pm – 4:40pm

Description: Named one of KQED’s Women to Watch, Luna Malbroux is a comic, writer, and creator of the award-winning play, “How to Be A White Man”. Winner of the Comedy Hackday Grand Prize at SF Sketchfest, Luna has made international headlines as the creator of EquiTable, an app that satirically solves the wage gap by creating ‘reparations, one meal at a time.’ A regular contributor to national publications, Luna has been featured on Fusion TV, AJ+ and Refinery 29. Tastefully crude, Luna is also the host and creator of the live and recording ongoing comedy talk-show, Live Sex. Originally from Louisiana, Luna has dazzled audiences all across the United States with her Southern charm mixed with her bold humor a feature at festivals and clubs alike.