Niki Vecsei Harrold descends on this year’s Content Marketing Conference to talk about what it takes to drive digital and branding transformation across a large organization that’s been around since 1904. As Transamerica’s Director of Communities Strategy and Social Media, she knows a thing or two about the power of effective content to delight employees and customers alike.

We can’t wait to hear her story. Thankfully, she gave us a taste of her wisdom by answering our most burning speaker questions:


Q: What excites you most about presenting at CMC18?
A: Speaking to content and marketing experts and learning from their experiences in an interactive way.

Q: Why is NOW the time to master content marketing?
A: Now is the time just as much as yesterday and tomorrow. It just has to happen. The earlier you get it right, the more benefits you reap from serving your customers right.

Q: What does it take to connect with customers today—and how can great content do that?
A: Make sure you speak to customers in the places where they are. Don’t force them to come to you. Content should speak to their pain points in a format they prefer and on a channel they use to reach out to you.

Q: If there was just one thing you could convince all content marketers to do, what would that be?
A: Collaborate and listen to other people in other departments. Even if it’s your sole responsibility to create compelling content, you are not the only expert on your customers.


Learn more about Niki and what she’ll cover in her CMC session. If you register for the conference, you can plan to attend her presentation, Transamerica Digital and Branding Transformation, on May 4 from 11:50am – 12:30pm.