Innovation is the lifeblood of business, and content is no exception. Organizations that develop innovative content marketing strategies can create a significant competitive advantage for a relatively modest investment.

To help you stay current with the most exciting ideas in the content innovation sphere, let’s take a closer look at some of the best recent articles on the subject.


Here’s How Pharma Brands are Succeeding with Live Videos — AdWeek

Live video has captured the attention of people everywhere — which means that content marketers are working overtime to deliver innovative and compelling viewing experiences.

Though the pharmaceutical sector has generally followed a cautious and conservative approach in the social sector, top brands in the space are now reaping significant gains from an aggressive move into live video, as this interesting piece from AdWeek makes clear.


It’s Content’s Turn to Lead E-commerce Innovation — CMSWire

The E-commerce market has long been one of the engines driving innovation in enterprise technology — look no further than site optimization or personalization tech for two examples.

Now, however, content is leading the way, as outlined by this article published by CMSWire. Rising customer acquisition costs and other financial pressures have encouraged E-commerce firms to seek news ways to earn a competitive edge.

Content marketing, with its ability to deliver personalized experiences and the power of a narrative, is helping businesses achieve market differentiation in a cost-controlled fashion.


The Creative Potential of (Some) Outsiders —

Every marketing team knows the value of a creative breakthrough — an innovative, deeply original approach that engages audiences and wows the marketplace.

Finding the inspiration for these innovations isn’t always easy, however.

This intriguing piece from suggests that “adjacent outsiders” (those outside an organization who have enough relevant experience to understand it) are often the key to creating innovative marketing approaches.

If your internal team needs a jolt of fresh thinking, this might be the right strategy for you.


How Nine is Tapping Audience Data for Advertising, Engagement and Content Innovation — CMO

We wrap up our look at the best recent writing on content innovation with this CMO interview of Alex Parsons, chief digital and marketing officer of the Nine Entertainment Group.

The interview offers an in-depth look at how Nine uses audience data to deliver personalized, innovative content, while also touching on how the Data Age has transformed the practice of marketing.

Thanks for reading — and please check back next week for another sampling of the best writing in content innovation.