Content curation is one of the coolest ways to share quick posts and generate ideas for new content your readers actually want to read, and CurationSoft helps you do it.

Through a suite of super-fast tools, this software lets you easily discover, review and curate content — and even drag and drop the content right from CurationSoft into your HTML text editor. Add a few comments, publish, and you’re done.

This tool not only makes content curation easy enough to do in your sleep, but it works to increase search engine rankings through the building of backlinks and the storing of the curated content on your own site.

Content is searchable on any platform that works with HTML, including Google+ and WordPress, and you can also search in multiple languages.


With a keen eye on the on ongoing needs of online content users, CurationSoft is constantly upgrading and developing its software.

Its wide search range is another plus, and it currently ferrets out relevant content from Google blogs, Google News, RSS feeds, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Blekko blogs and Blekko news.

Customization search options let you search multiple sources using different variables. In YouTube, for instance, you can focus on results based on attributes such as sorting, results, features or copy.


The constant upgrades are great for staying up to date, but they can be a real headache when you’re trying to get things done.

This especially holds true when the upgrades contain bugs that halt the entire process until they are resolved.

Another minor complaint is the disappearing scroll bars when you’re in docked mode viewing YouTube search results. Although the search range is fairly wide, some say it’s not wide enough and are hoping for an increase of sources in future upgrades.

Analytics SEO

If your definition of SEO translates to “sadly exhausting operation,” you may want a bit of help from Analytics SEO. The overall goal of this comprehensive platform is to increase your search rankings, and it does so through a holistic approach to search engine optimization solutions.

Built-in page optimization features help you optimize every single key page throughout your website.

Keyword analysis modules can save you tons of time by tracking not only which keywords are bringing visitors to your site but which are the best performers, so you can weed out the weak.

Data results come from a potpourri of sources, including analytics and crawlers, as well as information from social media, links and ranking. At a glance, you can review the essential data on all your site pages, so you can see where to focus your efforts for improvement.

Dig deeper into individual pages for specific optimization advice. Three levels of service are offered to meet the needs of organizations ranging from small businesses up through big digital marketing firms.


Depending on the level of service selected, you may enjoy daily keyword monitoring reports, multi-site management and backlink analysis to help you build stronger inroads to your sites.

The tool also offers a custom solution known as Intellitraffic.

This solution pieces together an accurate, actionable picture of site traffic — one often obscured by Google’s algorithms — by combining existing data and trends to provide the best available top-down view of digital visitor movement on a site.  

All service levels are treated to a clean, easy-to-read result in a format suitable for both beginners and SEO pros. A free trial is part of the mix.


Small to medium-sized business users looking for specific data results may find themselves drowning in information overload, with categories that span nearly every familiar digital marketing touch point.

The setup process appears to have a steep learning curve, with multiple menus and adjustments to make before information starts flowing in.

Pricing information is not publicly available for the middle and top-tier services, requiring potential customers to make direct contact with Analytics SEO sales representatives in the United Kingdom.

To find more content marketing tools to add to your businesses toolbox, consider attending the Content Marketing Conference in Las Vegas in 2016!