You’ve got content creation in the cape. Your SEO is on fleek, and you choose graphics that would make the heart of any Daily Bugle photographer named Peter skip a beat.

Yet there your content sits, unviewed, unshared, uncommented upon. Your content is the undiscovered radioactive solution that will force your brand up on the world, in fact. Ok, well maybe that’s pushing it a little far.

But then again, you do call yourself a superhero, right? So where are all of your superhero buddies distributing their online content these days?

You’ll have to ask them, but chances are they’ll say one of these hugely popular content distribution resources:


Press Releases for Power

So you have the notion of getting a press release written up for a company event. But how do you manage spreading the word, less you attempt to use your Bat signal?

PR Newswire is the go-to place for sharing press releases in 2017. The company itself has been around for more than 60 years.

However, age is just a number as this company has kept up the pace with internet based news and press releases. Runners up include PR Web and Business Wire.


Content Syndication

Sure the sound of content syndication takes you to the Fireside Chats with then President Roosevelt. Don’t worry, this form of syndication is on par with all of the greatest superhero moves.

By using skills for syndication as they relate to the new news platform of the internet, companies like Outbrain and Taboola are spreading the word in a good way.

Outbrain, the more popular content superhero, connects you to top channels like CNN and People. Taboola is just as connected to channels including Business Insider, CBS Interactive, and USA Today.

Even better is the fact that Taboola is the cheaper deal thanks to the super popularity of Outbrain.


Social Media Channels

Here we are in 2017 and what is the top ranked social media channel for content distribution? Facebook, it’s still Facebook, all these years and new social media channels later.

The other two heavyweights in the content advertising ring are Twitter and Instagram. Understanding the latest trends and rules and tricks for navigating on these three social media platforms will take you far.

It’s far easier than trying to make every single social media channel work for your business.

CMC 2017

Another way to get your content out in front of others is by attending workshops and conventions. And what better way to connect with content distributors than at the Content Marketing Conference 2017.

This year the three-day event will be held in April in Boston, MA. Immerse yourself in a world centered around all things content. It’s the best way to find everything your superhero self needs for content marketing.