Next in our Superhero Spotlight series, we have the CEO of TopRank Marketing; an agency that was just named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Minnesota Business Magazine; Lee Odden.

While his titles include author, marketing strategist, and speaker, Lee has been highlighted for his expertise in Forbes, The Economist, and even The Wall Street Journal.

Let’s meet The Influencer Whisperer Lee Odden:


What special skills and superpowers do you have and where did you get them?
Powerful vision and persuasion skills to identify, qualify and recruit influencers for content marketing programs that attract, engage and convert an incredible amount of new business for clients.


What are your favorite content marketing weapons (tools) that help you win the battle?
Special purpose influencer tools like BuzzSumo and Nimble and content tools like Bloomberry, Storybase and Answer the Public.
Also, enterprise level influencer relationship platforms like Traackr and GroupHigh, social listening tools like Brandwatch and RivalIQ.
Of course SEO tools like SEMRush and project management powerhouse, WorkFront.


Who is your arch-enemy and how do you recommend they be conquered?
Mediocrity Man – nowhere to be found and when you do, so blah and disappointing.
Conquering Mediocrity Man requires a “Best Answer” content marketing strategy that makes content easy to find, easy to engage with and highly influential across the entire customer journey from awareness to purchase.


Lee has evangelized a customer-centric approach to marketing at 200+ events in 16 different countries and through his award-winning blog.

Leading a keynote on The Influence Imperative Lee will be sharing the very same knowledge on strategy, implementation, and marketing program optimization he provides for Fortune 1000 B2B and B2C companies.

Register for Content Marketing Conference 2017 to reserve your spot to learn from from the Influencer Whisperer, Lee Odden. See you in April!