Meet co-founder of Orbit Media and CMC speaker; Andy Crestodina.

Andy has provided web strategy and marketing advice to more than 1000 businesses and will be teaching an SEO Masterclass workshop for marketers looking to delve deeper into the mistakes they’re making on their websites.

Want to find out what the most important current search ranking factors are that will give you a lasting edge? Which tools are best for your business, and how to best measure the ROI of your SEO investment?

Andy will be providing a comprehensive overview of that and more!

Let’s learn more about Dr. Web Stats:


What special skills and superpowers do you have and where did you get them?

He can read people’s minds (especially website visitors) by looking at streams of data (usually in Google Analytics).

He learned these techniques in the remote reaches of Brokelandia where he had to break out of Rock Bottom Prison with nothing but a blog and a Google Analytics account,


What are your favorite content marketing weapons (tools) that help you win the battle?

His utility belt includes just two tools, Google Analytics and WordPress.


Who is your arch-enemy and how do you recommend they be conquered?

Doctor Web Stats fights his frivolous, wasteful and evil arch-rival, The Opinionator, who makes decisions without data and is obsessed with taking over marketing meetings with brute force and personal preference.


The Opinionator is the founding member of the dastardly super-villain group, HiPPO (aka Highest Paid Peoples Opinion)


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