OK Commander Electric Prodigy, get your nightshade realm scroll and literal laser pencil point out.

Before you set your sights on the Content Marketing Conference 2017 it’s time to study up. Prepare yourself for some of the best content planning not-so-secrets you’ll hear all year.

As a self-expressed superhero in the content world these marketing tips are perfect for you to use in the battle against brand competition.

Learn about everything from mobile virtual reality to fake news fights. Ready? Set? Go!


Superhero Vision via Virtual Reality

Mobile VR lets anyone have superhero powers in sight.

However you don’t need to get bit by a super spider, just grab a smartphone and Google Cardboard and you are set. But how does mobile virtual reality relate to marketing? Good question.

Imagine you can browse bookstore shelves five states away.

You get to look at the latest styles currently on the shelves of the most fashionable boutiques in Paris. You can scan unearthly ingredients from gourmet food shops in NYC.

Best of all, you can do this all from the comfort of wherever you happen to be without the need of your superhero cape or time travel vessel.

Tweet: Mobile VR lets marketers create interactive stories that place consumers inside their stores without the hassle of crowds and logistics.


Say “See Ya” to SEO…

…sometimes. That’s right, even in 2017 SEO is still the superstar in the online content marketing realm.

But sometimes you need to leave the SEO on the sidelines.

Here are times when SEO plays Robin to content’s Batman:

  • Your content is original, trending or otherwise a stand-out performer. In this instance your expertise needs to play first fiddle to SEO as keywords have yet to be established in this new area of content.
  • The SEO search is oversaturated. Have hundreds of millions of search results for a keyword? Then fuhgeddaboudit. Your use of an uber popular search phrase isn’t going to get you anywhere. So just skip it in favor of second choice SEO options.
  • Your website is already on par with Captain America or Wonder Woman. You rule the roost with your page rankings and sit pretty at No. 1. No need to spoil the scene with new content using the same SEO phrases.


Keeping it Really Real

As in no fake news on your website, that is your goal in 2017. Fake news begone with these tips:

  • Monitor any products or brands advertised in banner ads on your blog or website. According to Forbes, 43% of content users stop trusting an online outlet when their native advertisements feature shady or untrustworthy brands.
  • Provide valuable content that is full of more facts than Iron Man has gadgets. If your content is stat-backed and authentic you are all set for the fight against fakery on the web.


Stop Comparing Yourself to the Apples of the Marketing World

This is a biggie. We’ve been comparing our content planning methods to the outliers of marketing.

You know the ones; Apple and Nike and Coca Cola. Well, that’s a bad idea.

Instead of setting the bar so high you’ll never even see it, choose competitor brands that are on your same scale.

Find the villain for your superhero tale. These villains, ahem competitors, have similar marketing budgets as you.

They are also going to offer realistic methods to reaching an audience that is applicable to your business. It just makes sense, so why haven’t we thought of it before 2017?

If you have more marketing questions than you have answers you are among the best in the biz.

Want to brush shoulders with such colleagues and counterparts? Meet us in the Bat Cave at the Content Marketing Conference 2017.

You’ll grab more tips and tools and trade tricks to help you fight against your content planning kryptonite.