64 days and counting until Content Marketing Conference 2017 takes off!

We are excited to introduce you to the marketing industry experts that will help take your conversion rates from meh to marvelous, rid the world of bad content, and arm you with all the weapons you’ll need for 2017 and beyond.

Our first superhero is the author of two bestselling books on Landing Page Optimization, and the CEO of SiteTuners; a strategic conversion rate optimization agency.

Tim has developed a deep expertise in user-centered design, neuromarketing, and split testing. All allowing him to best the understand online behaviors beneficial to his clients.


Meet Tim Ash aka Captain Conversion: 

What special skills and superpowers do you have and where did you get them?
Laser vision that allows me to focus exclusively on the needs of website visitors.
It allows me to see through the selfish needs of the company and align the online experience with the needs of the visitors.
What are your favorite content marketing weapons (tools) that help you win the battle?
Marketing Automation tools that track every interaction online including video views, downloads, website visits, and email clicks.
These allow me to create relevant and personalized online experiences and email communications at any scale. 
Who is your arch-enemy and how do you recommend they be conquered?
The Brand Guardians who rigidly fight any deviation from approved content and messaging.
They can only be vanquished by proven changes and improvements to the web experience that make the company more money.


Can’t Get Enough of Captain Conversion?

Well we can’t either! That’s why Tim is going to be sharing his expertise with an exclusive CRO Masterclass. This fast-paced workshop will help you increase the performance and profitability of your website and marketing efforts.

Starting with a conversion rate optimization review, Tim will lead you through The Matrix framework, user-experience centered design, and provide actionable exercises on how to apply key concepts, test, and succeed!

More About Tim Ash

Over the past twenty years Tim has helped a number of major US and international brands develop successful web-based initiatives including but not limited to; American Express, Autodesk, Canon, eHarmony, Expedia, Facebook, Google, Intuit, Nestle, Symantec, and Yahoo!

As a highly-regarded keynote speaker and presenter at worldwide industry conferences including: Affiliate Summit, DreamForce, INBOUND, Internet Retailer, PubCon, Shop.org, and SMX.

Having founded and serving as chairperson of the international Conversion Conference event series, Tim brings innovative influence to each stage, and frequently contributes to a number of

Other mentions include Top 10 Online Marketing Expert by Forbes and Online Marketing Influencer to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine!

Find out more about Tim and the other mega marketers that will be at Content Marketing Conference 2017 that will help you wage the war against spammers, fake news, and more.

We look forward to seeing you in April!