After creating your engaging, inbound content, perfectly suited for your target audience, but before you distribute it at the right time, you need to optimize.

Where you place your content is essential to it’s success and it’s not as easy as calling all of your superhero buddies and having them spread the word for you.

You have to figure out how to get your message across on a global scale, without seeming like a spammy bad guy.

Here’s the latest news just hot off Peter Parker’s desk to help you with optimizing your content:


Add Authenticity to Battle Fake News

Fake news is not a new phenomenon, it has just become more prevalent. The rumors and click-bait lead to the spread of stories that are juicy rather than factual.

For those cape crusaders who want to battle fake news foes there’s a new super tool in town.
Hootsuite has just announced it acquired and will be using AdEspresso for its social advertising methods.

All Hootsuite ads for Facebook and Instagram will be optimized using AdEspresso’s programming. AdEspresso is a top SAAS tool for ad optimization that adds authenticity to advertising.

AdEspresso lets you create marketing campaigns using Google Analytics for improved performance. For marketers pushing for more credibility in their part of the web consider the use of:

  • AdEspresso
  • Qwaya
  • Social Ads Tool
  • Ad Stage

These resources help you optimize your marketing campaigns so that your content gets in front of the right faces.


An SEO Revolution

If you’re tired of trying to discover the newest secret weapon in the fight against SEO, you aren’t the only superhero with this problem.

Forbes recently revealed the need for an SEO revolution. We’ve been dealing with the same SEO practices for decades now. However, the basic premise of SEO, i.e. long-tail keywords and keyword placement, have remained stagnant.

Surely there is a better way to handle SEO and the like than what we are currently doing?

After all, we are looking into the goggles of VR content creation, which indicates that content has gone way off the deep end of the shallow pond of SEO.

Yes, there have been the Panda and the Penguin of Google algorithm changes. Yet, still we lack in anything substantial in terms of updating SEO and its function.

Back to that VR.

We have virtual reality, as well as digital assistants, yes you Siri and Alexa. Our homes are becoming smart enough to be considered a superhero’s lair.

Finally, websites are declining as we use mobile devices far more frequently than desktop computers. All of this change points to one thing.

SEO is going to have to bump up its game to keep up with these technologies. Whether this means a whole new algorithm via Google, or new programming to accommodate VR content creation and interactive voice commands, who knows.

But it’s time for the superheroes of marketing to gather together and consider the possibilities.


See You at CMC 2017

Speaking of gathering together, will you be joining the marketing superheroes at Content Marketing Conference 2017?

Held this April in Boston, you’ll be trading content optimization secrets with the best of the best at CMC. Get your tickets reserved now before your villains, aka competitors, beat you to it.