We are back with the next installment of our Meet the Attendee series!

Next up is Talent Content Marketing Manager, Sarah Yang, of Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications.


Read below to learn more about Sarah, what she’s looking forward to at CMC, and more:


Tell us about you, where you work, and your content marketing history!

For 15+ years, I have produced and marketed popular, award-winning content. I’m a film and music producer, drummer, author, and improv actor. At the heart of who I am, I’m a storyteller.

In 2016, I joined Workday, a company that is disrupting the enterprise software market. Through video, images, and writing, I am telling the compelling narrative of why Workday is the best place to work.


What prompted you to register for CMC?

When I saw that the keynote is by a comedian (Aparna Nancheria) and that the conference wraps with a Comedy Marketing Club, I was sold.

Spiritual writer, Anthony DeMello, wrote, “The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.”  And Danish comedian, Victor Borge, said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”  

Therefore, funny stories are some of the most compelling and memorable content we can create.


How did you convince your boss?

Workday values employee development by investing in our personal growth goals each year.

I wanted to deepen my knowledge and capabilities in strategic content marketing by going to a conference.

I did my research and chose CMC. My manager reviewed the website and signed off immediately.


What speaker and session(s) are you most looking forward to?

The Comedy Marketing Club. Please be funny.  :)


What is your major 2017 marketing goal(s)?

Our videos, campaigns, and/or blogs to go viral and win a reputable content award.


What is one thing you’d like to know about Boston before heading here in April (food, drink, must-sees)

Where I can get the tastiest lobster. Sarah you’re in luck. I created a list of the tastiest lobster (rolls) in Boston for you here. Closest to the convention center: James Hook & Co (our company favorite) &Yankee Lobster.


What has been your favorite conference to date and why?  

Maker Faire Bay Area for makers + creatives.  There are robots walking around and 50 feet tall fire-breathing dragon structures.  What’s not to love?


What is the best conference swag you received?

Branded Argyle Socks.  They were comfy and stylish, just what my cold feet needed.


If you could give one piece of advice to a speaker, a sponsor, and a conference host, what would that be?

Wear your heart on your sleeve.  People connect to authentic, vulnerable, and emotive stories.


What’s your top conference networking tip?

As the saying goes, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.” Oh, and bring lots of business cards.


Anything else?

Have fun and keep a tally on how many Gin & Tonics you’ve had.

Thank you Sarah, we look forward to meeting you in just 55 days at Content Marketing Conference 2017!

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