Content Marketing Conference 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting event for the ever evolving eco-system marketer’s are orbiting in at high speeds!

If you’re a small business owner wondering how you can capitalize on content, there were sessions created exclusively to fulfill your specific needs.

Whether if you’re a solopreneur with a growing client list, or are already well-established with several employees, the top marketing experts speaking at CMC 2017 will show you how to turbocharge your campaign ROI, and see serious traction on your 2017 digital marketing efforts.

Are you trying to get more pageviews and conversions from your blog posts? Gain email sign-ups from that e-book you put long, hard hours into? Or perhaps you’re not sure where to start in terms of content strategy? Then #CMC17 is a great place to start your quest for knowledge:


Who is Attending #CMC17?

Meet your content marketing superhero! In addition to the stellar array of content marketing speakers, there are attendees from all walks of the marketing universe.

Digital executives, entrepreneurs, professional writers, designers, web and mobile strategists, developers, and other business and content marketing leaders and innovators will be present and can’t wait to help your business succeed and form long-lasting relationships.

Whether you need assistance with B2C or B2B content marketing, getting more engagement on social media, increasing your customer retention and loyalty– you will find the experts you need in person at #CMC17.


How Can #CMC17 Help Me Improve My Digital Marketing ROI?

There will be opportunities on and off the premises where you can network with other attendees, share your own knowledge, and find specific (especially industry-specific) problem-solvers.

There are also several informative seminars taking place that will give you the latest digital marketing insights.

With the networking, workshops, seminars, and other opportunities that CMC is offering, here’s how attending can turn your ROI from nonexistent or respectable to the kind of power a superhero league would envy:

  • Improve your lead generation: getting leads isn’t enough. What about the quality of those leads and nurturing them?
  • Learn what quality content is: content’s not just words pasted on a page for the sake of the search engines. Learn how your words can become more helpful and relevant.
  • Increase conversion rates: our experts and attendees can shed some light on what’s causing too many people to click on your links but not buy anything.
  • Create stronger brand awareness: Maybe you just haven’t discovered how to make people aware that your organization even exists, and we’re here to help with that!
  • Generate traffic: Websites don’t make money by themselves. Well, they can but first you need traffic. Discover how you can earn both more sales with increased site traffic!

Small business owners need to be problem-solvers and find other problem-solvers when it comes to turning your business into a lightning rod for hungry leads ready to convert. #CMC17 is where you’ll get just that!

What You’ll Leave #CMC17 With

You’ll leave Content Marketing Conference with data driven insights that lead to laser-refined strategies, actionable tactics, inspiration from the thought leaders and innovative attendees, and the beginnings of valuable new friendships and business relationships.

No matter what your goal is — learning to use digital tools more efficiently, creating a clearer direction for your digital marketing plans, or getting up to speed within the industry, it’s time to register and take the next step in your marketing career.