As a female entrepreneur hustling to get the content marketing portion of your business soaring, you’re bound to take a different approach than other businesses.

If you are the solopreneur handling your marketing needs, it’s all up to you to figure out how to ideate, create, optimize, publish, and amplify your content.

Though you understand this process as necessary to improve search rankings and results, did you realize you could develop an automated content management process?

When you do this, you’re transforming your content into Super SEO.

Learn more about how to make content optimization more productive for your business. Also, check out the latest super woman to represent in the tech industry, Anke Audenaert.


Optimizing Content for 2017

Streamline your marketing budget and blow up blocks of wasted time searching for the best SEO methods. According to Smart Insights the following processes are taking place for Google in the upcoming year:

  • Forget the pop-ups. Those will get you negative points on mobile website rankings. It’s time to pop them like they are not hot, because they’re not, not anymore.
  • Meta titles and descriptions are getting extended. You can now use up to 78 characters for a mobile search engine results page. Longer meta descriptions means you’ll need to update your meta data as soon as possible to coordinate with Google.
  • Separate indexes for your web searches and your mobile searches. Now you’ll have to start optimization mobile site content in a different way in comparison to desktop content.

More importantly, focus on mobile-ready content. Begin by determining how much of your market is dedicatedly mobile users.

If you have a large audience base of millennials you’ll need to prioritize mobile. However, if your target audience is over 50, give desktop optimization all you’ve got. In the future expect content to go by way of mobile.

Instead of optimization for desktop or both, you may be optimizing content solely for mobile users.


A One Woman Band

In the techie world of content optimization you are surrounded by a primarily male counterparts. In 2015 women made up 29 percent of the tech industry workforce.

Sixteen percent were in technical roles, while 23 percent were in leadership. Google hires only 17 percent female for their technology superheroes.

So when we hear about a woman techie who is smashing that glass ceiling like she’s holding Thor’s hammer, it feels good.

Recently Anke Audenaert was the vice president of content optimization for Yahoo.

As the Super Woman of optimizing one of her projects was to find the highest trafficked sections of a webpage and base marketing decisions on the knowledge. Since then Audenaert has went on to manage nano degree lead digital marketing.

She’s been an adjunct professor of marketing at UCLA Anderson School of Management since 2009.

As a high-powered tech entrepreneur who just happens to be a woman, Audenaert stated to the UCLA Newsroom, “I don’t want to assume that being female will be an issue.

My mindset is that I am a woman, and I can take on anything.”

Now that’s some serious woman power. 


See You at CMC 2017

If you want to meet other powerful women in the world of content marketing, consider the possibilities at Content Marketing Conference 2017.

Join forces with females like Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, Nancy Harhut of The Wilde Agency, and Senior Director of Content at Margaret Magnarelli who can help you fill the gaps in your content optimization methods.

Return to your business with a newfound boost of enthusiasm for being a one woman band, and making it a success.