Margaret Magnarelli

Managing Editor, Content and Senior Director, Marketing, Monster

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Margaret Magnarelli is the senior director of marketing at Monster, the leading global platform for connecting jobs and people. She oversees B2B and B2C content marketing aimed at helping candidates find jobs and companies find talent. Her team was awarded Best Content Program in the 2016 Content Marketing Awards from the Content Marketing Institute, best blog in the 2017 awards, and she has been a finalist for CMI’s Content Marketer of the Year. She’s presented on content marketing for Content Marketing World, ANA, SXSW, Content Marketing Conference and PR News. Previously, Margaret worked as a journalist, most recently as executive editor at Money magazine and Other noteworthy achievements: She’s written a book on tween idols, she’s a big fan of charcuterie, and she helped define the word snarky — no, seriously.


Session Name: Empathic Content Marketing: How to Use the Psychology of Caring to Amplify Results

Session Date & Time: May 3, 3:05pm – 3:45pm

Description: As marketing departments across the country have become obsessed with building colossal tech stacks, it seems we’ve lost sight a bit of our real target. On the other side of this machine-driven interaction is not another machine, but a human. And humans, we know from our own experiences, don’t just make buying decisions based on facts (e.g. X and Y demographic characteristics make us want Z product). We also make purchases on feelings (e.g. “I feel like Z really gets me”). This doesn’t mean forsaking technology—quite the opposite. Empathic marketing is all about super-powering your data and automation strategy with messaging that speaks to your customer’s pain points. Tech tells you which customers might be predisposed to your product; empathy helps you figure out what they need to hear from you. In this session, you will:

• Get a crash course in the psychology of empathy—and how it applies to content
• Learn about the three stages of empathy (understanding pain, validating pain, proposing solutions to the pain)
• Gain practical tips for becoming a more empathic marketer