Coming up with trending and timely topics for your content each and every pitch sound like torture of Ultron?

Well, do not fear. By brainstorming new ways to brainstorm you can create content worth marketing.

Need more outside of the Bat Cave inspiration? Check out what the Washington Post has come up with in terms of content innovation technology. It will blow your mind.


Brainstorming is Dumb

Brainstorming how we know it is bad news. This was the main message of Noah Robinson, Fast Company executive editor, at a creative tech conference in early February.

The process is as old as Captain America, yet it hasn’t evolved with the times. Take, for example, a brainstorming session for content innovation. You sit around a table with other content creators and toss out ideas.

Depending on the personalities, and loudness of the voices, some ideas will be drowned out, while others won’t be voiced at all. In fact,

Robinson points out that most ideas win because their creator is the most assertive. This isn’t the best tactic for innovating new content, and it shouldn’t be your top pick for this process.

In order to create a super team of content innovators start by accepting everyone at the round table.

Your team must be built on a feeling of belonging and love.

This breeds a supportive environment where everyone understands their ideas are worthy and will be heard. Forgo the love and belonging? This will lead to suffering and stagnant brainstorming sessions full of villainous vibes.


The Washington Post Cards

Hot off the presses are Post Cards by the Washington Post, an innovation that is transforming content delivery.

When you have content online it’s traditionally in the form of a snazzy headline and a block of text. But what about content for videos and infographics and gallery images?

Each type of content requires a different format, as anyone who has made YouTube videos or listicles will tell you.

This is where the Washington Post is pushing forward with superhero feats. The technology behind Post Cards:

  • Transforms branded content into various multimedia formats
  • Adds marketing aspects to each format
  • Gives the reader the branded content in the format they prefer

As a reader you can now decide if you want to digest a megaton article, or if you need a quick video to capture its essence so you can get back to slaying the competition.


Continuing with Content Marketing

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