The new year is upon us, which can mean only one thing. The 2017 Content Marketing Conference is almost here!

The 3rd annual conference taking place from April 11-13 at the Boston Westin Waterfront, is packed with incredible keynotes, workshops and speakers like Tim Ash (Site Tuners), Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Andy Crestodina (Orbit Media) and so many more.

It’s the perfect opportunity for people who want to hone their content marketing superpowers and generate the results they demand sooner rather than later.

Whenever you’re dealing with an event this large, it’s always a good idea to come in with a plan of attack. Just like any content marketing superhero does on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most from your Content Marketing Conference experience:


Make Your List

Start by reviewing the Content Marketing Conference session agenda and workshop overview. Making a list of everything you want to do and see.

Don’t try to do everything. There’s so much going on and it would not be a realistic bar to set for yourself.

At the same time, don’t come to the event without a plan. Doing so is hardly an efficient use of your time and it may cause you to miss out on something you would have enjoyed.

Finally, create a schedule from your wishlist, ordering everything by priority while leaving a bit of breather room in there.


Check it Twice

Once your list is complete, review the associated tracks and strategically plan our your meetups and parties.

Use social listening to get a pulse for who else is attending similar events, or to get notice of new happenings. Should the conference provide an app that allows you to create a digital agenda, use it to your advantage.

Many marketing conferences also provide the capabilities to incorporate your information from LinkedIn and participation in networking threads.

Get as involved as you can leading up to the conference, especially if you’re the only one from your team headed to Boston and it will be your first visit.


The Early Bird Gets All The Knowledge (and Prospects)

If there’s a particular keynote you want to attend, always build time into your schedule to arrive a few minutes early.

Ensuring you get the right seat, but opening the door for valuable networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Bring a stack of business cards and get ready to hand them out. Start discussions with the people sitting next to you and build the types of contacts that will carry you far.


Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Early

If there is a particular session or event that isn’t quite what you thought it would be, or if you’re not learning exactly what you had hoped, do not be afraid to leave early.

Remember – there’s a lot going on and time is of the essence.

The same goes for parties in the evening. It can be tempting to stay out and have a good time at the numerous events and happy hours.

Get your rest to gather all of that valuable information, retain it, and bring it back to your team while well-rested.


Dress Accordingly

Any event the size of the Content Marketing Conference is always going to involve a lot of walking.

While it’s always important to dress professionally and look your best, you shouldn’t do so at the expense of your own comfort.

Bring shoes that won’t hurt your feet while you’re walking to and from sessions and events, or standing in line.

Bring a backpack to carry all the materials you’ll be collecting in throughout the day that has plenty of extra room.

Build time into your schedule to take breaks. Either to get lunch or to go back to your hotel room to drop some items or just put up your feet for a few minutes.

See which top marketing speakers you may want to add to your list, and we hope to see you in April!