Superhuman marketing results often require superhuman tactics. Thanks to the increasing intuitiveness of search engines and usage of mobile devices to consume content, the inbound marketing movement is evolving faster than ever.

Blog posts are becoming more comprehensive and visually focused, the average blog post length having increased approximately 19% via a report released by Orbit Media.

eMarketer predicts that mobile will account for 72% of the total digital ad spend in the country as soon as 2019. So those muscles need to flex on all fronts, especially those catering to consumers reading predominately on their phone.

Wanting to go to Content Marketing Conference 2017 is one thing, but we know convincing your boss to actually send you is another.

Below are the steps to take to help you get buy-in from your boss to attend what is set to be one of the most innovative marketing conferences of 2017 in Boston this April.


Make Your Pitch in Person Along with Your Letter

We don’t suggest just walking into your bosses office to tell him or her that you want to go and why.

Putting together a professional pitch letter to accompany your in person meeting shows your true enthusiasm for the event.

Outline why CMC is important to your current and future professional development, in addition to the future of the company and what it stands to gain through your attendance.

While the meeting is important, your pitch letter provides a lasting resource of data for your boss to refer back to when you’re not around. Reinforcing the case you’ve made.


Line Up Content Marketing Conference with Your Goals

When making your argument, don’t just list off the top marketing thought leaders that will be speaking like Tim Ash (Site Tuners), Ann Handley, and Larry Kim (WordStream).

Go into detail about the keynote sessions or content marketing & strategy workshops you plan to attend and how each will support you in accomplishing your marketing goals in 2017.

Speak to what you’re going to be learning by highlighting significant sessions, explaining why it is relevant (and profitable) for you to do so, and clearly demonstrate how these are imperative takeaways exclusive to this event.

Tying in any ways your attendance can and will make your job easier (all the way up the chain to your boss) can only add weight to your position.


Networking, Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

Networking is a powerful tool in the world of content marketing. Not only is it a great way to help build up not only your own personal brand but your company’s name.

It’s also a perfect way to develop new partnerships that will exist long after the conference has ended.

Note the types of companies in attendance and those sponsoring this particular marketing conference makes it clear why CMC is a significant marketing opportunity.

Outline a social media campaign that can be implemented prior to, during, and following your attendance.

Publishing a blog post listing the reasons you’re looking forward to heading to the conference can let prospects know where to find you, and open the opportunity for companies that align with your business interests to see you as a trusted resource.

Capitalize on the #CMC17 hashtag during the conference to gain your company visibility associated with powerful marketing advice gathered during sessions.

We hope this helps you supercharge your marketing powers to ensure 2017 is a year of personal and company-wide success and hope to see you there!