Kathy Klotz-Guest Business Storytelling Workshop    Andrea Fryrear and Jeff Julian Agile Marketing Workshop


Effective content marketing requires you to keep up a constant pace and pipeline. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is how to produce enough content on a consistent schedule across multiple channels.

We get it – your plate is full. How do you make time in the day for planning ahead while simultaneously executing your plan? And how do you keep coming up with ideas that are relevant, timely and useful for your audience?

This year’s Content Marketing Conference workshops can help. They offer concrete tips for generating content ideas and producing content that works at scale and over time.

We’re offering four interactive 4-hour workshops and attendees with an all-access or workshop-only pass can select two.

In case you missed it, here’s an overview of workshop 1 and 2:

  • Content Marketing Intensified with Arnie Kuenn: How to leverage content marketing to grow your business
  • Writing Without Bullshit with Josh Bernoff: How to create meaning and action with bold, powerful writing

Workshop 3: Agile Marketing

A Journey Through Your First Agile Marketing Effort

If you’ve spent any time around software developers, you’ve heard of agile development. It’s an iterative approach that incorporates quick tests, frequent experiments, collaboration and on-going feedback, and the ability to react to changing conditions.

Agile marketing is an approach to marketing that takes its inspiration from agile software development. It has appeared on many marketers’ radars as an attempt to improve their team’s speed and responsiveness.

There’s a lot to be gained by adopting agile practices in your marketing department. The power of agile is in planning effectively, and putting that planning into action.

This workshop is an introduction to agile techniques. It features hands-on exercises to help you get comfortable with agile methodologies and learn how you can apply them.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What it means for a marketing team to be agile
  • How to plan, review and complete content elements within the agile process
  • How agile teams collect, manage, and analyze their data so they can create content that resonates with their audiences
  • How you can apply these practices to your team with hands-on activities

Register for this workshop to find out how marketing teams have employed sophisticated agile techniques to deploy content that works at scale and over time, and how you can repeat the process.

About the Instructors

Andrea Fryrear
Content Marketer and Agile Marketing Evangelist, SurveyGizmo
Author, Agile Marketing Styles

Andrea is a self-confessed content marketing nerd, fervent agile marketing evangelist, and Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner. She’s a firm believer in Agile’s potential to help support her fellow content marketers with the long-term production of stellar content. You can find her detailed coverage of all things content and agile over at MarketerGizmo.com, which she edits and manages. Andrea is also the author of Agile Marketing Styles: Your Guide to Finding the Right Agile Approach For Your Marketing Team.

Jeff Julian
Chief Marketing Officer, AJi
Author, Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams

Jeff is the Chief Marketing Officer for AJi, a digital agency based in Kansas City. Jeff has been helping companies, such as Microsoft, develop content strategies since his launch of one of the largest blogging communities, Geekswithblogs.net. Jeff is the author of Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams.

Workshop 4: The Art of Business Storytelling

How to Create Great Storytelling Content

Telling powerful stories is critical for breaking through the noise and connecting. The word ‘story’ gets thrown around a lot. So, what is a story in its most basic form? What must be there for a story to connect? When it comes to creating story-based content, what are the key elements all compelling stories share, and how can we use these to consistently create great storytelling?

In this immersive, lively workshop, Kathy Klotz-Guest, story strategist, owner of Keeping it Human, improviser, and author of an upcoming book on storytelling and improvisation, will walk you through the process of story creation using key elements from classic storytelling and the improvisation stage. These elements can be used in all types of stories and story-based content (brand, customer, product and more) to propel business results.

It’s recommended (not required, don’t worry!) that you bring a story or story idea you want to work on during the workshop.

Get skills and ideas that allow you to:

  • Sell storytelling to management and test it!
  • Humanize your story by adding emotional resonance
  • Craft compelling stories by hitting all the key elements a great story needs
  • Save and scale your organization’s storytelling efforts
Register for this engaging workshop to get practical solutions to your greatest content creation challenges. Learn what makes a great storytelling strategy, how to make the case for business storytelling to your boss, and the steps to develop visually captivating stories.

About the Instructor

Kathy Klotz-Guest MA, MBA
Storyteller, Creative Facilitator, Speaker, and Improviser
Founder, KeepingItHuman

Kathy is a business storyteller and speaker. Founder of Keeping it Human, she helps organizations turn jargon-monoxide into compelling stories that move people to action. Kathy is also a comic improviser and writer who performs regularly. She is the author of two books on humor, content, and storytelling (The Executive’s Bedtime Guide series) and is the co-author of an upcoming book on the future of business storytelling.

Get Out Of The Silo at CMC16

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