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Sunday 12/6

3 Storytelling Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Efforts (via Social Media Today) – Get the top storytelling tools to enhance your social media marketing from Philip Kushmaro of Ranky.

4 Steps to Get Executive Buy-In for B2B Content Marketing (via Content Marketing Institute) – Lack of executive buy-in for content marketing is consistently one of the top five challenges cited by B2B marketers. Here are Elizabeth Clor’s top 4 steps to overcome those challenges and secure executive buy-in for your content marketing initiatives.

Nothing is Original: Why the Most Talented People Copy (And Why That’s OK) (via Hubspot) – How can we meet the increasing demands to come up with new ideas under shorter deadlines? According to Jami Oetting, editor of Hubspot’s Agency Post, we need to get better at copying. Badly.

Monday 12/7

10 Tips to Make Content Marketing Work for Small Budgets (via QuickSprout) – Niel Patel used content marketing to grow KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and now Quick Sprout to well over 7-figure (annually) businesses. In this article he shares the top 10 tips to will help you bring down your content marketing spending significantly without sacrificing results.

The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing (via Social Media Today) – There are a ton of great Google Chrome extensions out there that can help streamline your process and boost productivity. Here’s Pete Schauer’s top 5.

Be the Shakespeare of Facebook: The Enormous Guide to Writing Spectacular Social Media Updates (via Buffer) – There’s an art and a science to writing. Kevan Lee of Buffer shares what he’s learned about the science of copywriting and how to incorporate it into your social media marketing.

Tuesday 12/8

15 Great Resources to Create Quick and Beautiful Images for Social (via Hootsuite) – How do you share compelling images multiple times per day on a slew of platforms while maintaining an efficient workflow? With these 15 of the best image resources curated by Hootsuite. They all have one vital thing in common: they make the life of a social marketer a whole lot easier.

This Year in Video Marketing and What to Expect in 2016 (via Marketing Profs) – Few trends were as big in 2015 as video marketing. Some 96% of B2B marketers are now using video. Here are the top 4 expectations of video marketing in 2016 straight from the CMO of Vidyard, Tyler Lessard.

Wednesday 12/9

3 Classic Journalism Techniques That Will Improve Your Content Marketing (via Entrepreneur) – Is your content marketing falling flat or is it your content itself? These 3 writing lessons from journalism could make all the difference.

Why No One is Reading Your Marketing Content (Via Harvard Business Review) – Asking yourself these 4 questions will help you create a viable content strategy.

The Content Marketing Handbook: How to Write About Information and Make it Spread (via Priceonomics) – One of the most useful posts this week, this is a 30,000+ word book about content marketing published as one, unreasonably but fabulously long blog post from Priceonomics.

9 Steps to Prepare Your Website for a Winning SEO Campaign (via Jeff Bullas) – From many years of working on both local and international SEO projects, Jeff Bullas accumulated a key list of things you need to do before engaging in an SEO campaign. Here’s his top 9 steps easily laid out to help even the most hideous of websites prepare for a winning SEO campaign.

Thursday 12/10

26 Content Amplification Triggers to Help Increase Engagement (via Search Engine Watch) – Chris Lake, CEO of Empirical Proof outlines what to consider before publishing your next piece of content to cut through the noise, make an impression, and get your audience on the hook.

The Best Branded Content Partnerships of 2015 (via Ad Age) – In 2014, Pressboard combed through 1,500 pieces of content for their “best of” list, this year it was closer to 7,000.  Dive into Ad Age’s list of the top 10 publisher-brand partnerships that stood out – from Netflix and WSJ to GE and NYT.

Content Strategy Advent Calendar Day 10: Why You Need a Content Vision (via Gather Content) – Throughout December, content strategy experts will share their advice and tips on all things content related in easy-to-digest videos as part of Gather Content’s Content Strategy Advent Calendar. On Thursday, Colleen Jones spoke about what makes a content vision effective and why you need one.

Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing (via Small Business Trends) – A strategic look at how data visualization for content marketing could work for your business from Larry Alton.

Friday 12/11

How to Use Date to Create More Relevant Content (via Hubspot) – Content marketers don’t just write, they write with purpose using data-backed strategies. Rob Lons gives step-by-step instructions with tons of clear graphics to figure our how to use data to inform your own content ideation process.

Content Strategy Advent Calendar Day 11: Getting Budget for Content Strategy (via Gather Content) – Sally Bagshaw shares how to not be afraid of budget conversations through a her personal experience as a content marketer in today’s advent calendar video from Gather Content.


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