Reaching the right audience with your content is one of your biggest dreams. And those dreams can align more closely to reality with the help of BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a content optimization solution that simplifies the often complicated task of ensuring your content is getting the attention it deserves. It does so through a host of beneficial features that include discovering the hottest content, alerting you to content containing your chosen keywords or specifications, reaching out to influences, researching your competitors, researching and planning your own content and, of course, analyzing its performance.

Put everything together and you have one powerful tool for ensuring that your content is indeed reaching the right audience. Perhaps, even more than you dreamed.

In a recent webinar with the Chair of Content Marketing Conference Byron White, Watch the BuzzSumo WebinarBuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson shared how he used the tool to draw insights on the most shared viral content of 2015. You can watch the on-demand recording here.


Tons of pros come packed in BuzzSumo, with every feature offering multiple ways to ensure that you’re creating the unique high-quality content your targeted audience wants to read. One example is the powerful content insights which allow you to discover the most shared content across all social networks on any topic then run detailed analytics on that content. This insight allows you to add your own take on the topic, ensuring that it’s different from the rest yet posted in the same channels where the topic is really taking off.

BuzzSumo also lets you filter content according to its format, such as videos, giveaways, articles, and more. This allows you to pinpoint which format is doing the best on any topic you want to cover.

BuzzSumo Platform

A look inside the BuzzSumo platform – via

For those of us lost after the recent loss of twitter share counters, BuzzSumo offers a solution. “Twitter stopped showing tweet counts on November 20th, a few weeks ago. A lot of sites don’t have that capability but BuzzSumo still gets that data from Gannett which is Twitter’s data arm. So with BuzzSumo you can view tweet counts for any page, just click the button to find how many Twitter shares it had so you’ll be able to check the number of shares on a post even if they don’t have buttons.” says Steve.

Through the platform you can also amplify your content by finding influencers in your niche and reviewing the content they share. Then optimize your own content to fit the pattern of what resonates with influencers in your topic area.


While BuzzSumo can certainly help you optimize your content and give it a massive boost, it’s not a stand-alone content management system. You’ll still need a CMS like Joomla or Squarespace or to meet the full scope your content plan, creation, and distribution needs.

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