Let’s consider what “content marketing” means in the broadest possible sense: communicating interesting, useful information to get people interested in something useful.

When you really look at the definition, any talk of the rise and fall of content marketing becomes a little silly. Since the first time a caveman painted a buffalo on the wall to get people to come to his cookout, we’ve been using content marketing.

In other words: we are always going to be at the ground floor. In terms of online marketing strategies, content marketing tends to see big booms whenever the economy picks up and we have more people out there spending money, and any time there’s a new technology on the stage and everybody wants to be the first to make use of it.

There are times when content marketing booms, but we shouldn’t mistake this for a bubble. Content marketing isn’t a gimmick, it’s the raw stuff that sales are made of.

We will Always Be at the Ground Floor

Attend a few content marketing conferences and one thing that you’ll learn is that you’ve missed a lot of opportunities.

You may not have been there when Youtube debuted, you may have assumed that people would never want to use their phones to browse the internet. Another thing you’re going to learn: the number of opportunities still ahead of you is effectively infinite.

The economy has its ebb and flow, and they’re never going to stop developing new apps, new social media platforms, new devices for communication. When you understand online marketing strategies and content marketing, it’s easy to adapt to these changes in the industry.

In short: it’s never too late to be an “early adopter” when it comes to content marketing. Content marketing is something that we’ve been doing since the dawn of the human race, and we’re just getting started.