We love success stories like our sponsor Sitecore… especially for CMC where the audience is full of creators!

A few guys getting together to solve the problems of the digital world and customer experience and now have a thriving business that is making a difference. In 1998, five friends, Thomas Albert, Jakob Christensen, Peter Christensen, Ole Thrane, and Michale Seifert knew there could be a way to help organizations with the digital and website creation tools to do it better. They brainstormed and came up with something extra special. They realized that the customer experience (UX) while on a website should be seamless. People buy experiences, not products, especially when they are online.

Their website sums it up with this statement:  “Customer delight” is no longer enough. It’s time to “customer impress.” They realized that content combined with the company’s strategic goals was key to the future of digital marketing success.

The best 2021 marketing strategies will combine content marketing that aligns and enhances customer experience. Everything and everyone in the organization must be transparent and work together to make it work. Without this collaboration, the time spent in any content marketing could be irrelevant.

That’s where Sitecore comes in.

Create Seamless, Personalized Customer Experiences

Our sponsor, Sitecore is more than just a company that creates websites.

Yes, the website is important but just one integral part of the overall digital strategy. It has to look good, work great, and interest visitors to stay awhile in hopes of converting them to a loyal customer.

Successful dynamic websites that work 24/7 are part of a really big picture. They engage multiple dimensions and departments within an organization.

Sitecore is a leading digital experience software used throughout the world to create seamless, personalized digital experiences. Their best known for their powerful content management system (CMS), and their amazing team of professionals who are available to assist their customers and collaborate any time possible.

Sitecore describes itself as a Customer Experience Platform (CXP) which makes them totally different than other developers and template style website creators out there. They understand the back end, the front end, and everything in between and will create a website that will work for you now and grow with you later. Their approach is so exciting they have won multiple awards and praised for their successful concept.

How Sitecore Benefits Content Marketers

Sitecore allows customers to create, deliver, and optimize from the beginning to the end customer experience including acquisition, nurturing conversion, and retention. They believe in building engagement by personalizing content and building relationships through email marketing, social media presence, search engine optimization, (SEO), brand alignment, and other important aspects to connect with the customer. And they know the importance of making the websites mobile friendly on all devices making the overall experience user friendly on every device they use.

Today, audiences get their content by searching using smartphones, smartwatches, voice assistants, and virtual reality headsets. Sitecore keeps up with these dynamic consumer trends and is prepared to help its customers adapt.

 Sitecore is known for their fully loaded features allowing customers will have the functionality to:

  • Track and Evaluate Analytics
  • Personalize the Customer Experience from start to end
  • Create Dynamic Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns
  • Create, Review and Optimize Content
  • Personalize and Evaluate The Overall Customer Experience

Meet Sitecore at CMC 2021

Sitecore will bring a wealth of information to CMC 2021 attendees. Their approach to the Customer Experience and their Customer Experience Platform is so relevant in today’s new normal of acting, adapting, pivoting, and building successful strategies that will take all organizations of all sizes stronger into the future.

Want to join Sitecore and hundreds of other content marketers at CMC 2021? Register now for the lowest prices of the year.

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