What is conversion rate optimization? And how can you ensure your landing pages will actually convert? Justin Rondeau is a digital marketing professional who can answer these questions and will teach you the fundamental things that actually impact conversions and the philosophy behind them.

About Justin Rondeau

Everyone knows that digital marketing matters. But Justin Rondeau is able to connect the dots from businesses to customers with his sharp and sophisticated approach to optimization.

A self-described people leader and marketing technology enthusiast, Justin is the man you want modeling the strategy to improve your user experience and boost conversions. A highly sought-after domestic and international speaker, he has a mind that can benefit companies of all types and sizes and drive results.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Justin has dedicated his career to finding ways to optimize the user experience and get more from what you’re already investing in. It’s a path he didn’t expect to take, but the tech-savvy marketer is now in it for the long haul.

Currently the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer, Justin Rondeau is one of the most trusted voices in the industry and has been named one of the top 25 most influential CRO professionals. He was also the cofounder of TruConversion, a platform designed to transform visitors into customers.

Endorsed for his “outgoing personality,” “contagious passion for web marketing,” and “professionalism and knowledge,” Justin continues to make waves as an engaging speaker and an expert in his field.

Justin Rondeau – Speaker at the Content Marketing Conference in Boston

Conversion rate optimization is the act of modifying a website in order to increase conversion rates — or the rate at which someone takes a desired action on your website. For example, say you drive 50,000 visitors to your website per month, but only 2% of them fill out your lead form. A CRO expert like Justin will audit your page, make changes that matter, and help you to achieve the desired end result of customer growth.

It really can be that simple. Just ask the lead optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies who have benefitted from Justin’s expertise.

During his session at this year’s 2020 Content Marketing Conference in Boston, Justin will share tips to kickstart your company’s growth through landing page conversions. He’ll provide strategies in an engaging style that will keep your attention and keep you entertained.

In his April 22 session, “Landing Pages: 7 Tips to Never Boost Conversions,” Justin will talk about avoiding what he calls the dreaded Frankenpage. Instead, he’ll pique your interest with landing page criteria that every digital marketer must consider. He’ll evaluate elements on your site that matter, grade those elements based on specific criteria, then help you take action to improve the elements that just don’t make the cut.

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