We’re all monitoring the coronavirus situation for CMC 2020, and following the stats on travel, conference attendance, public gatherings and more.

In particular, I’m looking for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as the ultimate source for risk assessment and advice making when it comes to CMC 2020 planning.

Without question, there’s not a lot of good news out there.

But here are two slivers of light that we have for our fans and supporters:

1. Social Media World last week reports 95% attendance with fans. I attended the event scouting speakers for CMC 2020, and all sessions and events were packed and full.

2. One of our speakers sent me a NY Post article, clearly targeting optimists like me, that suggests the warmer weather on the way may help the situation greatly:

– Headline: Coronavirus going to hit its peak and start falling sooner than you think
– Farr’s bell-shaped pattern is emerging, just like AIDS, SARS, Ebola
– No cases have been reported in the hot, humid climates like The Philippines
– Only 25 cases have been reported in Latin America, with similar warmer climates
– Flu cases dramatically fall in May; maybe the coronavirus will do the same

We’ll continue to search and find more data from better sources like CDC, but our plans as of this moment are to move forward with CMC 2020 LIVE in Boston.

Even better, we’re launching a CMC DIGITAL experience for all ticket holders, new and existing, that choose to not attend the live conference.

For CMC LIVE attendees, we’re…
– Redesigning the seating plan, for more space and less contact
– Adding overflow rooms with screen views of sessions, to reduce crowded rooms
– Refunding any international visitors, to eliminate travel friction
– Giving CMC Live attendees access to all the CMC 2020 recordings

For CMC 2020 DIGITAL attendees, you’ll get all this and more…
– Streaming all the keynotes, so ticket holders can watch live
– Recordings of all the sessions, so ticket holders can watch online
– Access to CMC Academy, to view all the sessions and recordings

CMC Academy is available now for all registered attendees for CMC 2020, featuring access to the previous 3 years of recordings and lots of resources.

CMC Academy will remain open for 60 days following the conference for all ticket holders, and will be the place to view the CMC DIGITAL experience. The workshops will not be recorded however, and are available for CMC LIVE attendees.

We hope the new digital experience and live planning help to demonstrate our commitment to helping you advance your career and grow your business organically— the content marketing way!

If we all keep washing our hands with soap and water, and bumping elbows versus shaking hands, we’ll stop this potential pandemic virus spread, perhaps with the help of warmer weather on the way in New England.

Do reach out to our team with any questions, and/or fire off your comments below and we’ll respond, pronto.

Hope to see you in Boston soon!

Byron White
Founder and Chair, Content Marketing Conference